5 Proven Ways Chatbots Can Scale Your Business

In today’s business world, communication is one of the most important things to scale a brand. The better you communicate, the more you trigger people to engage with your brand. When you are running an online business, you need to provide the best possible customer support services and a chatbot can really help you do that.

It happens so many times that users aren’t able to find their desired things on a platform. As a result, they get confused and leave the site without making any purchase. A chatbot can help you guide these sorts of users find the right product or service once they arrive on your site. Moreover, it can also help you increase the conversion rates.

What is a Chatbot?

The Oxford Dictionaries defines a Chatbot as,

“A computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.”

The basic functionality of a chatbot is to engage the leads and assist the customers. It works as a virtual assistant in websites, mobile applications, and other instant messengers. Entrepreneurs can make use of a chatbot as it can communicate with users. For example, if you run a digital marketing agency, the bot will reply to the queries related to the different facets of your company.

What are the Benefits of Chatbots for Businesses?

The greatest value of chatbots is that they are taking over the role of humans. In fact, Amazon has opened a supermarket this year and the best thing about that supermarket is that it doesn’t require any checkout. These supermarkets are integrated with cameras and electronic sensors that identify the things you are buying. They call it ‘Just Walk Out Technology’ and it is rocking the retail industry. Similarly, a chatbot automates conversions within your organization and reduces the role of humans.

These are some of the ways chatbots add value to a business and there are many other ways chatbots benefit the businesses. Some of them are as follows:

#1. A Chatbot Saves Both Your Time and Money

Time and money factor in many areas of your business. Without a chatbot, you have to hire a staff to reply to the queries of your customers which add to the costs of your business.

According to a research by Sprout Social, there is up to 20% increase in the social messages that require an instant response during some recent years. Moreover, there is a growing rise in the number of internet users with every passing day which adds to the workload of businesses. So we can say that a chatbot can save both your time and money.

#2. It Generates Leads

Generating more leads has always been the top priority of any business and a chatbot can help you in this area as well. Since it makes use of the direct marketing process, it can effectively help you gather necessary information of users.

When a user interacts and shares his information (email or phone number) to the chatbot, he becomes the potential lead.

Sephora is a good example of a brand that taps into the potential of chatbots. It is a cosmetic retailer that saw an increase of up to 11% in its sales after it created a chatbot. That’s the real power of chatbots that they not only give answers to questions but also generates data of your leads.

#3. It Helps You Target the Global Audience

No matter you run a small retail store or a global brand, if you want to increase the outreach of your brand then the services of chatbot can come into play.

Moreover, there are plenty of chatbots that can talk in multiple languages. On the other, you will be required to invest huge on plenty of humans from that can speak different languages globally.

According to Forbes, chatbots are more than just service and their results are actually beyond your expectations. Apart from responding to queries, you can also use them for proactive content distribution over the globe.

It proves the positive role of chatbots with regards to their ability to reach the global audience. It shows that your target audience now expects a better and faster service and chatbots can help you do that.

#4. It Keeps You Updated With the Latest Trends

A chatbot can help your business find the top trends that are making waves. This helps you keep tabs on technological advancements and you can synchronize your business to catch up with the growing technology.

Since a chatbot provides you with the right information regarding the booming technology, it can keep you aware of the latest business technology products. Businesses around the world put a strong emphasis on consumer behavior and technology is a stimulus that drives consumer behavior.

So the more you know how your consumers feel, react, interact, and think of a particular business technology, the more you can attract them towards your business and this is where you can put into service the role of chatbots.

#5. It Gives You Insights Into Consumer Behavior

A chatbot is an effective tool that you can use to get first-hand knowledge about what your target audience thinks about your product or service. Based on the hard data, it enables you to make changes in your business that can help you generate more sales.

For instance, if a page of your website gets adequate traffic but doesn’t generate sales, a chatbot can help you evaluate the roadblocks. Further, it also provides you information about why users are leaving your site without any action.

A chatbot can provide a better and faster experience to the target audience. Facebook, Twitter, and other big brands have already acquired chatbot services to deal with millions of traffic they daily receive. Thanks to this business technology, the customers are getting faster and better services.

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