Online Marketing 101: How to Promote Your Business for Free

Online Marketing 101: How to Promote

Starting a new business can be difficult, especially when you don’t have contacts or a big enough budget. How are you supposed to spread the word, if you can’t pay for advertising?

Well my friend, today, you’ve got nothing to fear. The internet has changed the face of advertising and made it a lot more effective and cost-friendly. In fact, you can even promote your business for free in multiple ways.

If you’re an entrepreneur, trying to get your business in the limelight, look no further. Keep reading for some tips on how to promote your business without spending a single penny.

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Why You Should Have a Mobile Website? #Infographic

One thing many companies were slow to realize was the necessity of establishing a mobile website. Most of them were even slow to figure out that they needed a regular website like the one’s Website Builder creates. It used to be a thing to call companies and sell them on the idea of having an actual website that would help them manage their online brand. Some executives would even respond saying they weren’t sure if this whole Internet thing was going to be around much longer and they didn’t want to waste their money. This seems laughable looking back at those times, but this trend repeated itself all over again with mobile websites.

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Joomla Day Malaysia 2008 highlights

joomla day 2008 malaysia

I’ve attended the Joomla Day Malaysia 2008! I was waiting for the event for a while. Joomla has been in the scene of web based content management system (CMS) for a while. But It actually evolved, improved and transformed along the Journey. It’s core concept was originally from MAMBO Content Management System. Joomla is considered as user friendly system to make your own interactive community website in less time and with less coding.

In the Joomla Day event there was a big number of crowd but there were a lot of people who are in real life is just a business man, teacher or just a plain housewife. So there was a need to give them the concept of what is a CMS actually. The event started at 9am at citytel hotel. After the Welcome note from Azrul, The basic introduction of the Joomla CMS was Presented by Toby Patterson who is one of the very well written component developers of Joomla Community. Toby described what is actually Joomla project and some other history and roadmap of Joomla project, also he mentioned the reasons to choose Joomla.

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7 Tips for Successfully Launching Your New Startup

Tips for Successfully Launching Your New Startup

People like to say that we are living in the golden era of entrepreneurship. These folks are, to a large degree, right. The evolution of digital tech has lifted a lot of burden off the shoulders of ambitious businessmen when it comes to networking, marketing, and day to day operations. Bureaucracy has become much more open to newcomers as well.

But, as fortunate circumstances are helpful, the road to success is still riddled with various hurdles, some of which can prove to be fatal. As a matter of fact, according to some estimation, only 20% of new businesses survive past their first year of operation.

Let’s take a look then at a couple of tips that should help you avoid common beginner’s mistakes when launching a startup and earn a proper shot at glory.

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