The Best Website Builders for Growing Start-ups

Website Builders for Growing Start-ups

The World Wide Web has revolutionized the business sector today. Gone are the days when your market was limited to the local neighborhood. Now you can spread the word about your brand with just the click of a button. Switching your business online might be one of the best things for your venture right now. For in the virtual field, you can tap into the global market. Technology has sure contributed to your convenience. It is an equal playing field, giving ample opportunities to anyone who has good content and marketing ideas. A seemingly fast and easy to use Website Builders are one of them.

Having a website is the first step to establishing an online presence. And contrary to popular belief, website development is no longer the domain of coders. Anyone with an idea and an internet connection can now build their website. There are several website building platforms out there that would help you through the process. Read on to know more about these fantastic platforms.

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10 Ways Business Owners Can Benefit from AI

Ways Business Owners Can Benefit from AI

Over the past few years, AI is gaining fame like a rolling snowball. Every department is gaining benefits from this evolution in technology. Let’s first look into AI in business and see what it really is. 

AI is a set of multiple technologies that work in a sequence to make machines able to learn, sense, comprehend, and serve to increase human activities. It will be surprising to know that AI was first introduced in the year 1956, at a convention at a private university in the U.S called Dartmouth. However, at that time it was estimated that AI will be able to carry out human functions within 20 years. Sadly, there weren’t enough funds to keep it running and AI ended up in phase called “AI winter”. Anyhow, things are different now, in 2011 an AI computer developed by IBM surpassed its human counterparts in a renowned game show, jeopardy. 

Though AI machine has now promoted from gaming to job seekers. Today, AI is actively contributing to human efforts. With such a pace, AI is expected to become a disruptive technology in the coming decade. In this article, we’ll see how business owners can benefit from AI.

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5 Video Animation Tips That Make You Pro in 2020

Video Animation Tips That Make You Pro

The world of animation enhances your creative abilities. It is a play area where you can use your imagination to bring about the best results. If your brain can perceive it, you will be able to bring it to life through animation. To bring interesting characters into live acting takes plenty of camera tricks. But for artists, it is essentially the stroke of a pen. They convey information through videos in a little time which catches the audience’s attention. With the advancement in every field, certain tips of video animation services are available on platforms like Genius Videos that help animators to be the expert in their game in the year 2020.

So, let us discuss the video animation tips that you can use in your future projects to help yourself become a pro:

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What Is the Estimated Period Required for a Credit Score to Become Better?

Estimated Period Required for a Credit Score to Become Better

A lot of people know how delicate a credit score can be. This three-digit score is so volatile that it can easily fluctuate up or down in a matter of just days. In fact, the stability or fluctuation of your credit score hinges on the modification of the data on your credit report.

There are little things people who are desperate to see a positive modification in their credit score can do. Some people start by settling previous debts on their accounts, fixing errors, and doing everything they can to correct any negative record listed on their reports. Another good attribute to have for people who want to improve their credit score is that they make all payments of their bills on time.  These attributes are necessary if you desire to see a positive change in your credit score as rapidly as possible.

One of the most common reasons why people desire to see their credit score enhanced is to be eligible for either an improved percentage of interest or for the loan itself.

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Recipe to Build a Perfect Blog Post in 60 Minutes or Less

Recipe to Build a Perfect Blog Post in 60 Minutes or Less

Blogs are one of the best to develop an online presence both for companies and individuals. There are many technicalities associated with this art form that every content creator manages. Usually, the time required for writing one is subject to debate. Brian Dean (Backlinko) and Vitaly Friedman (Smashing Magazine) take 20 to 25 hours to create a blog post. On the contrary, folks like Jeff Bullas (jeffbullas[.]com) consider an average of 1000 words per hour as their benchmark.

Writing a 1000 word content piece consumes 3 hours and 20 minutes for an average writer. (source: Word Counter) Today, I am going to share my recipe to build a great blog post under 60 minutes or less!

I would like to tell you that these methods require you to be at least an intermediate experience or a fantastic newbie. Don’t worry if you don’t fall into either of the categories. I reckon that this article will help you bridge the distance between long hours to a single, power-packed hour for blog post writing. Buckle up to explore the fast writing hacks with me for one thousand-word blog.

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