How Can Technology Make Your Studying Easier?

How Can Technology Make Your Studying Easier

Technological advancement is revolutionizing how students and teachers communicate and very soon, physical libraries will become obsolete in the school system.

Learning institutions should not discourage the use of technology in education. Actually, educators must be persuaded that technology and education are one of the greatest learning empowers. This is the only way to capture the potential of innovation in the schooling systems.

Today, there are numerous ways of how students are using technology in the classroom. Computers and mobile devices make learning easier, accessible, and fun too.

With digital libraries and online search engines, students can access publications, eBooks, articles, and journals from wherever they are. When students locate specific information quickly and accurately, it means they can learn faster.

They also get to share scanned documents with other students across the board thereby exchanging ideas. Behold the benefits of technology in education.

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Common Mac OS Big Sur Issues & Quick Fixes

Common Mac OS Big Sur Issues & Quick Fixes

If you are looking for a big visual overhaul and enhancements for your macOS, then Big Sur might be the right pick for you. Arguably, the new OS features the biggest design change in 20 years. Exciting right? Just like any software update, you might encounter challenges like big sur won’t install among other mishaps or challenges. In this article, we share some of the common problems that you might experience and how you can fix them 

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Why Securing APIs Is a ‘Must’ with Modern Cyber Security

Why Securing APIs Is a Must with Modern Cyber Security

An API (application programming interface) is the software intermediary that lets two applications talk to one another. For instance, if you have ever seen a website displaying a Google Maps object, the website will be using the Google Maps API for embedding that map object. If an API such as this didn’t exist, any developer wanting a map on their website would have to build their own interactive maps using their own mapping data. The same is true with mobile apps that, for example, use the camera of your smartphone for taking images or videos. If the right APIs were not made available to developers, this process would be significantly more complex and non-user friendly.

Because APIs are used for transferring data and connecting services, they are also crucial from a security perspective. An API that is hacked or otherwise exploited can result in massive critical data breaches of personal, financial, and other information. Securing an API is therefore absolutely critical. Unfortunately, proper cyber security is not always something that’s taken as seriously as it should be when it comes to APIs.

As with many of the features targeted by cyber attackers, everything that makes APIs useful also makes them good targets for hackers. They are publicly available, standardized and ubiquitous, efficient, easy to use, flexible, and very well documented.

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Must Have Apps and Games for Your New Phone

Must Have Apps and Games for Your New Phone

Smartphones have been long used for pretty much everything. With fast processors and ever increasing RAM, it has become easy for you to store your music, files, videos, and multi-task between applications. The smooth transition between applications, thanks to various powerful processors, has led to the necessity of keeping some essential apps on your device.

Surely, with a world of applications, there are various options you may have to choose from. However, here is a list of some essential apps that you can keep in your brand new phone to make your lives better:

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Mobile App Vs Mobile Website? Which One Leads the Internet

Trends are changing every day and the best part is, brands are adopting them in the maximum way they can. The logic is an obvious rapid business growth. From a business owner’s perspective, it is a daily routine task to think of the new ways that can help accelerate their growth chart. A website is a necessity, but what about the mobile apps. Is a website worth to promote your service offerings even on the mobile devices or you need a mobile app? There are certain limitations that a website cannot serve you.

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There is a big dilemma among the people about is it worth to have an app if you have a mobile website. There is no set answer like yes or no because it entirely depends on how much you want to grow. If you are mad for improvement, it is better to experiment what is running hot in the market.

If someone will ask for the leader between the two, the answer is tough. Both the mobile apps and mobile webs have few restrictions in terms of meeting the user’s demands in any specific context.

Let’s read the below points to make better distinction-

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