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Tech Innovations Are Changing How We Discover New Music

That focus on personalization could also make it easier for bands to get discovered in a saturated marketplace and connect with its ideal fan base.

How The Design Of Your Website Can Impact Your Business

If your page is dull, takes forever to load, and lacks information; your website visitors will turn away, and look for similar products and services elsewhere.

5 No-Contract Tech Upgrades to Make Your Business Smarter

Which technology upgrades should you use? Start with contract-free upgrades that allow flexibility to experiment without impacting your bottom line.

Do We Need to Test our Software and Who are Software Testers

What is the process of software testing? Software testing is essential procedure to make sure your product will operate effectively and as excellent as expected on any device and with any web browser. Basically, testing answers two major questions: Does this software do what it should? Does this software operate the way it should? QA […] Read More

Advantages of Modern Computer Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring is a general and widespread practice in many companies around the world. Video monitoring and phone calls recording are often used as the security measure or as an easy way to check attendance and evaluate work performance of the staff members. But with a wide spread of mobile and computer technologies, these old […] Read More

Be Like the Jetsons: Smart Home Automation for 2017

When you think of the ultimate modern home, you might think about "The Jetsons" cartoon, in which short work weeks, human cloning and being transported in vacuum-like tubes were the norm. While there might not be flying cars or on-demand food dispensers in 2017, homes are getting smarter, fast. If you are anxious to be […] Read More

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