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Should Businesses Buy Macs for Employees?

As BYOD makes employee technology choice more relevant in the workplace, more enterprises are welcoming Macs within their walls. Macs have a reputation for a more stable operating system, and there are fewer kinds of Mac malware lurking in the wild. Back in 2008, Forrester claimed that for enterprises, Macs were a non-starter. Since then, the research giant has reversed course, telling employers to get ready for a Mac invasion.

odrive Brings All Your Cloud Files Together In One Place

odrive brings all of your files together in one place. It is a new file management platform designed for people and groups to easily access, protect, and share ALL of their digital files no matter where they are stored.

Dropbox vs OneDrive vs SpiderOak: A Closer Look at 3 of The Best Cloud Storage Services

Dropbox vs OneDrive vs SpiderOak: A Closer Look at 3 of The Best Cloud Storage Services

How to Win 1 Year of Netflix, Unotelly and $100 Visa

What if I told you (sounds like the meme), You can stand to win the grand prize of 1 year Netflix subscription, along with 1 year Unotelly DNS service (which enables you to open up Netflix in countries other than USA) and a prepaid $100 Visa card.

Ultimate Guide to Improve iOS 8 and iPhone 6 Battery Life

Every new iOS release have something shiny and new to offer. Most of us often finds out that newer iOS releases may cause battery drain. It’s been a historical issue that iPhone battery batteries doesn't last long as it was expected to be. But, having said that; I have noticed some significant battery related features […] Read More

How to Decide Between Mobile App and Responsive Website #infographic

Find out how you can decide whether you will need a native mobile app or a responsive website.

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