About – Ruhani Rabin

Hello there! I am Ruhani Rabin, a fun geek, thinker, product idea maker, technology evangelist, coffee lover, photographer, part-time comedian.
I live in the capital of Malaysia as an Expat.

Professional Life

More than 18 years of technology & product leadership. I am also well versed in understanding the vision & mission. Aligning with that, I plan the work with the CxO team by designing, delivering, and product strategy with emerging technologies to optimize business performance.

My previous experiences include digital agencies, Telco, data warehousing for airports, e-commerce system start-up, banking, payment gateway, mobile apps, hardware, and SaaS solutions.

I had worked with people before who described me as a progressive, pragmatic, solution-driven, down-to-earth, technical, and managerial person who can be relied on to offer solutions that deliver profitable results.

My core principle is about the customer and their needs. I can easily get emotionally attached to products that I work with. I love what I do, and my satisfaction comes from the solutions that my team delivers, which make positive changes in people’s lives.

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Recognized by Huffington Post USA (2009) and Business Insider (2014) as one of the most valuable technology industry influencers at Twitter, I lead a social media following of over 110,000+ people for a tech-based Twitter feed that shares trending technology and social media-related content.