How AI Can Be Beneficial for Data Analysis

How AI Can Be Beneficial for Data Analysis

As we evolve with the world, modern technology is evolving with us. We’ve witnessed many technological and industrial revolutions, as well as the rise of the internet, AI, natural language processing, and machine learning. 

AI has become one of the essential tech tools that businesses use to gather and analyze huge chunks of data in mere seconds. He who holds the key to unlocking the potential that lies in data analysis has the power to not only beat the competition and grow their business but dictate new standards and trends.

The internet is loaded with data, and businesses are doing everything within their power to gather, analyze, and manage that data to their advantage. That’s how the idea of harnessing the power of big data has come to be. Everything related to deep learning, AI, data analysis, the Internet of Things, and so on, is considered as Data Science. 

Data analysis helps businesses in many different ways. It provides the most advanced technologies and tools that allow companies to automate complicated and mundane business tasks, workflows, and processes that include presenting, analyzing, and extracting raw data. 

Since the entire business success of one organization depends on their ability to gather, analyze and manage data to stay relevant and competitive, we’re going to go through how artificial intelligence for data analysis can benefit a business.

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AI & Social Media – How Ads are Getting Smarter & Why Businesses Should as Well

AI & Social Media How Ads are Getting Smarter and Why Businesses Should

Did you know that people love following the brands they appreciate on social media? 

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others manage to create an authentic interaction between customers and businesses. People love to get to know the team working behind their favorite products or services. On the other hand, businesses have a fantastic environment that encourages open communication and connection. 

But businesses also know that social media platforms gather important data from their users. In addition, due to the fast development of tools based on smart technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) businesses now have a new way of doing digital marketing. This way also calls for different marketing specializations, that include the technical aspect (which we’ll discuss later in the article).

It may sound new, but AI (which includes ML and NLP) is not exactly a new technology. In fact, most of us use it on a daily basis in devices like smartphones, smart speakers, tablets, GPS navigators, and more. In short, our modern devices use AI algorithms to observe, learn, and understand human behavior. 

The best example of AI-powered software comes from our favorite voice assistants (Siri, Alexa, or Google Now). These tools can understand natural language (for the most part), recognize voices, and provide reliable answers to our queries. They do this by storing and analyzing the data and applying the results to improve themselves. 

In addition, big platforms like Amazon, Google, Netflix, and others use AI to provide their users with a highly-customized experience (personalized product recommendations). We also see AI-algorithms working hard to correct our writing (in tools like Grammarly) or even send automatic emails (like Gmail).  

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8 Hottest AI In Business Trends For 2020

The Hottest AI In Business Trends

AI in business is about to go through exponential growth in 2020, across numerous sectors and dozens of new use cases. With current uses for AI accelerating at the same time and becoming more commonplace, the future of AI and its impact on the world and the global business community is a positive one.

In this article, we look more in-depth at the latest technology trends and future uses of AI in business. Based on industry analysis, our work creating AI-powered conversational solutions, other AI services, and our expertise in this field, we predict the following to be the top 8 trends to watch for in 2020.  

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Why Your Business Shouldn’t Ignore AI Chatbots [Infographic]

Why Your Business Shouldn’t Ignore AI Chatbots

AI chatbots have been around for a while. Now, many companies rely on artificial intelligence to support their sales and customer service teams. Using chatbots allows these companies to save a significant amount of money.

Despite the benefits, some businesses are still skeptical about this technology. One of the reasons is that not many people are aware of the multi-fold benefits it brings.

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Rethinking Technology In Business: Role Of AI In Field Services

Technology In Business Role Of AI In Field Services

We are in an era where technology is playing a pivotal role in reinventing the traditional business operations. And technology like artificial intelligence is leaving no stone unturned to make processes more effective, efficient, and accurate. 

The most benefited companies today are those who are operating in field services. The industry is one such where the right combination of automation with operations can do wonders for the business. In contrast, the lack of proper execution could be the reason for higher losses. So, are there any automated ways that companies can opt for in combination with AI to gain significant profits? Let’s discuss it further.

AI enables high-level intelligence in systems improving their overall efficiency and capability of performing specific tasks. That’s how field service management software manages business-related information and helps make better scheduling decisions. 

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