5 Ways You Can Integrate Chatbots In Your Business

PC Mag dictionary defines chatbot as:

“Chatbot is a software that provides a text or verbal interaction with a person using native language”

Going by this definition, a chatbot is an automated program that interacts with humans. So it has a role in the corporate world. In fact, the chatbot has already been integrated into some of the businesses to perform various tasks. The growing influence of chatbots has led more businesses to integrate this technology into their business.

According to Statista, the global market for chatbot is going to reach up to $1250 dollars by 2025. So it is a serious investment for businesses who want to automate their different business functions. Big companies like Starbucks Coffee, Spotify, and Mastercard have already integrated chatbots in their systems to streamline their business activities and facilitate their customers.

Chatbots can serve in multiple areas to a business and reduce its costs. From taking orders and responding to customer queries to making appointments and sending notifications, chatbots can do an array of jobs for your business so that it keeps running without constantly needing the help of humans.

So if you also want to cut the costs of your business and increase its productivity then here are some of the ways you can take help of chatbots:

#1. It Can Engage Leads

Chatbots can be aligned with your marketing process to engage the lead at every step of their buying journey. This is will not make you aware of the needs of your potential customers but will also increase your conversion rate.

For example, if a lead comes back to your website after he leaves the shopping because the product was too pricey, a chatbot can suggest him similar products that are available at cheaper rates.

Similarly, if a lead leaves your website because he couldn’t find a product, the chatbot can inform him that the product is now available. These all are some of the ways a chatbot can hook in your leads and make them buy your products.

#2. It Can Help Resolve Payment Issues

Often a customer leaves the shopping cart as a result of a payment glitch. In such a situation, a chatbot can be a handy service to let the customers know the right solution for a payment hurdle. This calls for the integration of the payment API to a chatbot. Once you do it, the customer will automatically get answers of their queries and you will be able to add more bucks in your sales.

#3. It Integrates With Facebook Messenger

After Facebook announced that it would allow the businesses to integrate chatbots on its messenger platform, many businesses thought it as a cool idea to target their audience. This move allowed the businesses to do the different services to their clients including the customer support service, receiving of payment from customers, and providing them timely help.

Today, there are over 200,000 chatbots that are providing different kinds of services on behalf of a business. In this way, the businesses are not only able to interact with their customers but are also able to grow their business.

Offer Customer Service

Chatbots are becoming a more popular form for businesses to offers customer support services. Today, many businesses are taking services of chatbots to provide assistance to their customers, answer to their queries and giving them timely solutions of the issues.

Here are some examples of brands that are using chatbots for customer support service:


Starbucks is one business that was quick to adopt chatbots to automate its customer support service. The chatbot of Starbucks receives orders from the customers, informs them about the total time of delivery as well as give them billing details. This makes the job significantly easier for the company.


Fandango is an online service that sells movie tickets over the internet. The company has an app that the users can download. So whenever they need information about a show, they can simply connect to chatbot of the company and it will give them all the details in a matter of seconds.


The famous office supply business makes use of chatbots to answer queries of customers, track their order details and even record their complaints. All these tasks make it significantly easier for the company to engage its customers.

#4. It Helps You Get Insights Into Customer Behavior

Businesses can utilize the chatbots to drill down the behavior pattern of visitors who come to their websites. For example, if a visitor abruptly leaves a website, the chatbot can ask reasons from the visitor for the action.

Similarly, if a buyer quits the shopping cart in the middle, the chatbot can inquire the customer about their reasons for not buying the product. The chatbot can use a survey to take feedback of the customers. All these things will help a business get a better understanding of how a customer responds to its services.

#5. It Increases Team Collaboration

Chatbots can be used as a tool to increase the productivity of a team. So the different members of a team don’t have to waste time just on sharing information. With a chatbot, the different members of a team can easily share matters of interest without constantly bothering each other for every little matter.

So let’s say if a team is working on a project, a chatbot can automatically compile the report, synchronize updates, and share them with every team member in real-time so that everyone is on the same page.

Similarly, the chatbot can send notifications to team members about the important actions that need immediate implementation. In addition, the services of chatbot can come into play for jobs that involve technical and legal procedures which is commonplace in job roles of human resource management and finance.

So if the HR officer is clueless about a hiring norm or if the finance personnel need information on tax law, the chatbot will be their instant guide to get information on these matters.

Chatbots are a game-changer for online businesses. Today, they can help businesses engage their leads and increase their conversions. The aforementioned are some of the ways you can integrate chatbot in your business and increase your sales. Let us know your opinions in the comment sections.

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