7 Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your E-Commerce Site

In E-commerce, one needs to be very careful because the display of your website and your offers for your customers can cause you either huge benefit or a huge loss. A small mistake can cause the loss of good costumer for a lifetime. Let’s look at some healthy tips which show that how one can take his business to another level of success.

One thing that must be kept in mind that “Exceptions are always there” especially when it comes to CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). Although these tips are the best tips one can use but at the same time, the person should also be ready for every kind of exceptional cases.

1. Work on the abandoned cart issue

7 tips improve conversion rate e-commerce

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According to a research between 60-80%, people leave their carts abandoned and do not complete the buying process because they don’t understand the booking process. Following are given some tips to lessen this issue:

  • Your shipping price should always be mentioned as earlier as possible because customers hate it when at the end of the booking process the final price increases suddenly. So, you should not let the customer waiting for any kind of additional charges.
  • Keep the shipping time minimum because according to a research, 25% people cancel their bookings when the shipment time was more than a week, so to ignore this problem shipment should be ensured in the least time possible.
  • Keep attracting your customers by sending them attractive offers and texting them so they can’t simply ignore or stop themselves from buying the product they left in the way. Keep sending them the benefits of that very product which they left and also offer them attractive discounts. Do it by all possible means, for example, texting or emailing. In short, the solution is planning a remarketing strategy for such people.

2. Learn the strategy of upselling

7 tips improve conversion rate e-commerce

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Customers will surely go for the product where they will get something additional and there are a lot of ways of doing this which are given below:

  • Keep telling them that what is in and what other people are buying. There are many trends following customers who look for things that others are buying so it could attract such kind of people. Offer them free shipping. Although shipping price doesn’t make a huge difference, people are generally attracted by this idea.
  • Offer them a discount on placing a double or tipple order. This is a good way of selling more products in lesser time so one should surely try it.
  • Also, offer the customers “Full money back guarantee” if they didn’t like the product. This increases their confidence and they buy the product.

3. Attractive and good quality pictures make a huge difference

People are always attracted by the look of a product. If it looks good, it grabs attention and people buy it so, therefore, a good quality picture should be one of the foremost necessities of earning a good sale. The picture can be a better explanation of the product as compared to text. It shows the beauty and every detail of the product very clearly which enhances the confidence and trust of the customer.

Size of the picture also matters. A research by a website design company says that increasing the size of the picture of the product causes a tremendous increase in the sale of the picture. Yes, it works. Try to post the solo pictures of the products.

The power of images is unimaginable because they provide the customer with details and answer the unasked questions. Text can only tell the usage of the product but the images can actually provide visuals. The colors and the beauty of the picture attracts a greater number of the customers.

4. Be very careful while choosing the colors

Colors can do magic with your sale. A study proves that colors are related to emotions. For example, Red color indicates urgency, blue indicates trust whereas green color indicates freshness etc.

Don’t forget to pay attention to color contrast as well. The problem that usually occurs is that colors are added to the website or a picture but contrast is not considered. Contrast is very important in order to attract the customer and make your website or picture an eye-catching one. It also helps in keeping a person engaged when he is going to your website.

Attractive, brighter and eye-catching colors with wonderful contrast can surely make a person think twice before making any negative decision related to the product that you are trying to sell. Contrast not always means that it’s only related to colors. The contrast could be of shapes and pictures as well. These are the things that sometimes the bigger brands also forget to take care of and have to face huge losses because of it. Therefore, website designing Dubai recommends that color scheming should be done very wisely in order to get a good response from the visitors.

5. Don’t make the customer feel insecure

Customers are mostly uncomfortable in providing a lot of personal information about them, the solution to this problem is that take only the information that is necessary to complete the process of selling and don’t go for any extra information.

Try to ask for only those contacts which are required for example phone number or maybe an email address. Don’t ask very much personal questions like age and gender of the customers. This makes them feel insecure and they are not very comfortable in telling this much.

Customers also feel unsafe when they’re asked to pay in advance. Never ever make the policy of advance payment unless it is very much necessary. Always try to adopt the “Cash on delivery” Policy with the customer so the customer gets surety that he’s not being betrayed and is investing at the right place. So, don’t be impatient with the customer and try to receive the payment only when that product is delivered. The more trust you produce between yourself and the customer the more customer starts buying stuff regularly from you.

6. Always keep it simple for the customers

The process through which a customer has to go while purchasing stuff should be very much easy and simple. Most of the times it happens that the customer gets irritated with the difficult process of placing the order and leave its cart abandoned. Always try to make the process smooth and free of confusions for the customer because not everyone can go through these complex steps of booking an order.

Following are given some good tips that can help you make this process easier and make your customer happy:

  • Make it easy for the customers to find their products. Sometimes we see that a product has several names. Try to use the names that are more common or use pictures with products so if there is any confusion still left it gets clear for the customer. The customer gets sure that he’s purchasing the right product.
  • All we have to do is to make the customer comfortable so we should try to do it by all means. Customers will browse multiple items within a category so try to make it easier for them. Don’t make them go back and then search for the product again. Instead, use breadcrumbs to make customers search more easily.
  • Try to facilitate the customer. Don’t add useless steps in the checking out the process of the customer. Show the customer the final list of the items he has purchased, the final bill, tell the total delivery time and that’s it.

Answer the questions before the customer asks them

Following are given some examples of such Question:

  • Which product can the customer get at the lowest price?
  • Which product is easier to use?
  • Which product is more used by the customers?
  • Which product is more in trend?
  • Which product has the highest price?
  • Which product will suit the customer more?

7. Informational social influence is a good tool of trust

7 tips improve conversion rate e-commerce

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According to a research 70% of the customers are comfortable in buying a product which has a good customer response, therefore, always make your customer response visible. It makes the people trust you more and make the customers confident due to which they buy the product without taking less time and fearlessly.

There are many types of social proofs. Some of them are given below:

  • When someone who is much experienced gives positive reviews.
  • When a famous person gives positive reviews
  • When those people who have already used the product give a good rating.
  • When you make it prominent that a large number of people is buying your product
  • When the people around the customer give positive reviews about the product and are happy with its functioning and quality.

This can also be done on a greater level by not only showing the rating done by the customers but also showing the pictures of the happy customers wearing or using your product. If a customer is happy with your product he’ll never be hesitant in sharing the picture of the product with you.

This will also be helpful in making the customer to ignore the negative reviews if there are any. Because the customer will trust more on what he sees with his eyes than believing a person’s comments whom he doesn’t even know. This step is done wisely can increase the sale of your product to the greater number because again through this you win the trust and confidence of the customer.
There are many ways of increasing the visitor rates and the number of customers on your website but if one tries these some very main and basic tactics he’s surely going to get a good response and is going to get a lot of profit. I wish you all a very good luck will all these tips.

Author Bio: Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform the competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.

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