HTC Desire Review – Part 4 – Telephony

HTC Desire review

After all the gimmicks of Hardware power, I came on to the HTC Desire Telephony section. Typically Telephony supposed to be simpler such as – Browse contacts, dial, talk and then hang up. But HTC Desire bring it to a whole new level of Telephony combining the power of social networking and information management. I’m trying to keep this post as short as possible. But then we’re going to talk about a bit more of Contacts, Call quality, Messaging and few other components. Lets take a wider look into these.

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Malaysian Broadband – Dissatisfaction Guaranteed

There is an update to this topic that you might find it interesting.

Well I’ve been at Malaysia for a long time already and I went through many kind of Internet Service Providers along the way. Previously there were only few broadband service providers, now there are a number of broadband service providers and they all have glitters and amaze you with their glittery advertises and banners. They are really efficient to take the advantage of the users lack of knowledge in Internet services. So I’ve decided to write this down. There are basically two kind of Internet providers, wired Internet and wireless Internet. Wired Internet providers are TMNet Streamyx, Jaring and Maxis. Wireless Internet providers are namely Digi, Celcom, Maxis, Jaring, Izzy, U-Mobile and some places TMNet Wireless. Lets look at all this from a expatriate point of view since there are many expatriates living in Malaysia. TMNet streamyx is widely used because they were efficient to monopolize the industry. Lately there are Maxis, Celcom, UMobile which are 3G network based wireless Internet connectivity providers. Now here are the facts, pros and cons that everyone should know about..

NOTE: KB is specified as KiloByte and kb is specified as kiloBit in this Article. 1 KiloByte = 8kiloBit.

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PIKOM PC Fair 2008 April Malaysia

I went to the PC fair as usual, it started from April 11th until April 13th. Prices seems to be went down a little bit more. The hot cakes were the gadgets – USB disks, mp3/mp4 players, laptops, desktops, PC accessories, digital cameras, audio equipments, LCD monitors and so on. As usual all the Internet service providers also there and they came up with promotions and sort of stuff. Was surprised to see Acer is offering Laptops for RM1499, yeah I know it’s not the High End laptop but it do have 1GB DDR2 ram and 120GB sata drive. Intel was offering promotional prices for their processors but still the Core 2 Duo processor and Core 2 Quad processor prices didn’t went down that much. Sony offered 32″ Bravia LCD TV series for RM2099 and RM220+ for DVD players. My friend can’t resist and he swiped the credit card for good = bought it. USB flash disks are everywhere, I got a 8GB USB disk for RM90, just for the info DO NOT buy Kingston flash disks, their product way out of order these days, actually I was looking for Corsair flash disks but anyway I got mine is Transcend JetFlash v30, supports windows security using the disk plus a downloadable utility to sync your documents, email, bookmarks while you are on the move. For best quality USB disks get a Corsair for optimal performance, other than that you can choose APACER, SANDISK U3, TRANSCEND, PENDRIVE etc.




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Pikom PC Fair Kuala lumpur August 2008 Highlights

Another PC Fair and another time to go crazy. Feels like to buy everything and anything. I’ve previously written about Pikom PC Fair at   April 2008.   These Kind of PC fair can really drive a lot of people for sales. Not to mention now is Malaysia Grand Sales season so every shopping complex is packed, It’s weekend and PC fair is just beside KLCC so there was enormous amount of people were there. Well Lets cut the chase and dive into some info. Me, my colleagues/friends   Nick and Chui we all geek went there together and spend some quality 8 hours time at PC Fair (huh!). First of all there were so many peoples over there.

And all the corporate companies had their beauty contest (for sales) which I will reveal in a while. At top floor Acer, Benq, Asus, Hp, Sony, Epson, Samsung and   Intel booths. Acer had a lot of crowd because Acer is the only brand giving affordable laptops for general population. There was Twinhead laptops too but totally not recommended because of their heating problems and similar things. Lexmark has sold a lot of printers and because they were offering lowest price on monotone laser (RM199!), All in one and similar stuff. Samsung, Sony, Panasonic booths were had crowd for Cameras, LCD TV’s and of course Sony has their own style of VIAO laptops which is just awesome but yet a bit pricey (But the quality is there). Sony displayed a different prototype of desktop replacement and a mobile multimedia station which was so sleek, it has a qwerty keyboard with a touchpad and when you fold up the keyboard toward the machine the desktop changes the mode to media center.

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