Top 5 Reasons Why Philips AquaTouch AT940 is a Traveler’s Best Friend – Part 2 of 4

Philips AquaTouch AT940 Review

This is the part 2 of the Philips AquaTouch AT940 review. I will be explaining 2 more major reason why Philips AquaTouch AT940 is one of the best choice for a traveler. The two major reason involved are the portability of the device and the maintenance.

Reason #2 – Portability

While AquaTouch AT940 is designed to be a part of a urban man’s lifestyle; It actually serves the purpose of portability needs of a traveler too.

  • This shaver weights really light. Don’t let the semi larger look fool you on that. When you slip this in your travel bag there is no way to find a difference how much weight is actually added.
  • The charger is really small and light too. The charger supports input voltage from 100-240v automatically, which is sufficient enough to travel US, UK, Asia and almost all other part of the world. It uses round pins which can be found in almost all hotels around the world. Philips AquaTouch AT940 Charger
  • The TripleTack blades you do not need to carry around. It’s already inside the device and does not require you to change it frequently.
  • The 2 in one storage pouch and shower hanger pouch is simply a weightless pouch that can keep the device inside.
  • For a usual 3 nights and 4 days holiday (or even a weeks holiday), it does not require you to carry a charger with you. Just take the shaver, put it in the pouch. That’s it, you are ready for vacation without “any strings attached” – quite literally. This estimation was based on a requirement to shave once daily. When I used the AquaTouch AT940 for last 12 days, there was no need to charge it. A single full charge you can use this shaver approximately 65-75 minutes (If you keep it running continuously).
  • Compatibility of the charger is useful if you use more than one Philips grooming devices such as QG3270/32. You can use back your AquaTouch AT940 charger to charge that device too. You see that is one less charger to carry around for 2 devices. In fact, you can use the same charger of SensoTouch shavers with AquaTouch and PowerTouch line of shavers and vice-versa.
  • Cordless or with cords? AquaTouch AT940 works only with the cordless mode. Nobody wants to get electrocuted while shaving. It is a wet/dry shaver so obviously the safety measures in place.


AquaTouch AT940 – Easier Portability Video


Reason #3 – Easier Maintenance

  • Maintenance is really simple due to the attached shaver top. One click flip opens the top for easier rinse; this goes same for the trimmer at the back of the shaver. The shaver blades do not get off the device, it is connected with a latch. So the blades are less prone to falling down from hand.
    Philips AquaTouch AT940 Blades
  • AquaTouch AT940 can do a full recharging in just one hour. It also comes with a handy quick charge for 3 minutes and you can use it for 3 minutes. A small light at the front pulses to indicate the charging process. Philips AquaTouch AT940 Charging Indicator
  • You can clean the device within less than 40 seconds. Just release the flip top and back open blades, rinse inside and outside, and that’s it. You’re done!
  • The HQ9 shaver blades only require a replacement once a year; that is, only if you use it in a daily basis. Philips AquaTouch AT940 HQ9 replacement blades
  • AquaTouch AT940 is designed in a way that it does not require an oil-based cleaning or maintenance. If you are an avid electric shaver user, you might notice that many of them require oil-based cleaning and maintenance – which takes time to maintain.


AquaTouch AT940 – Quick Cleaning Video

As you can see from above, AquaTouch AT940 does a lot of portability with a very little maintenance. Which are the best reasons to pick it up by frequent travelers? The next episode I will discuss 2 more reasons why it should be a frequent traveler’s choice. So stay tuned for the update. Do leave comments on your experience if you own one of AquaTouch AT940. Does this article help you anyway? Do leave a rating for me at the Philips AquaTouch website below.

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