Top 5 Reasons Why Philips AquaTouch AT940 is a Traveler’s Best Friend – Part 1 of 4


Every urban man needs a proper shaver for himself. While blade based razors do the clean shave but it is really time-consuming. I moved to Electronic Shavers few years before because in the morning there was not enough time to go for a blade based shave. And afterward I have started traveling and living in a few countries. That made it even more essential to have electric shaver.

There are basically three types of shavers – blade, foil, and rotary. More often these fall into three major brand camps – Gillette, Braun (Also Panasonic) and Philips. I have used Panasonic and Philips SensoTouch (Higher model than this one) for last 3 years and before that 10 years with Gillette.

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This time I was invited to take a closer look at this AquaTouch At940 “Wet and Dry” Shaver from Philips Malaysia.

I am a frequent traveler between few countries so my point in this review will reflect more realistic things for a fellow traveler.

What’s inside the Pack?

Once you done unpacking it; you will find a travel charger, pouch, shaver, a cleaning brush, blade cover, quick start manual and a dock with charging port. Before we go down to the 5 reasons – Let’s just go through with the device itself. I really wished there was a small pocket to keep the cleaner brush in the pouch.

The Device Itself

First thing you will notice that the device is really light by itself. It has been curved to fit comfortably in the grip. The rubber coating on the buttons makes a fantastic addition to it. As for the simplicity; there are only two buttons – the large one at the inside of the grip to switch it on and off and another at the back to release the pop-up hair-trimmer.

AquaTouch series uses the HQ9 blades. The almost similar blades (HQ11) are also found in the SensoTouch units which are higher grade than AquaTouch. So basically you are getting better blades in lower price.


Divi - Huge Savings

AquaTouch has mostly been designed to attract the younger wet shavers group. The combination of colors and shape put it out of the normal crowd.

Let’s explain the very first and the topmost reason for using this shaver.

Reason #1 – Clean shave:

I have been using this shaver for last 7 days in 2 different ways; Dry with Foam and Wet with Foam. Please be reminded that even though you can shave in a shower, it is really difficult without a mirror. Another important fact is – never shave after you take shower. Because your skin expands slightly because of the shower. So what was the outcome of using this shaver? Let me put those points out for you:

  • This shaver glides smoothly over skin whether the skin is rough or uneven.
  • Rounded low-friction protection heads adjust to the curves of your face to limit skin damage.
  • Easier to have the cleaner shave with less irritation. Usually, I even have some reddish areas with the SensoTouch; and with this I had none.
  • SmartPivot maintains constant skin contact; basically, it tilts slightly on the curved areas to make sure the blades reach those areas easily.
  • I manage to clean shave the more difficult areas like the place between the cheek and the throat. It is usually really difficult for me to have a complete clean shave in that area. TripleTrack heads offer 50% more shaving surface for a comfortably close shave.
  • I found out that the “Wet with Foam” was the best shave with AquaTouch. It was almost 98% clean shave in one try. It just took me one more touch to make it clean shave. Surprisingly it performed better than the higher grade SensoTouch that I have. The grip and weight were just really helpful too. Approximately it took me 5 minutes to complete the clean shave.
  • Dry with Foam was similar but slightly less clean shave. To get around with that situation I let the foam to sit on my face for 2 minutes before I shave. Then it was great. It took me about 7 minutes in total.
  • Please be reminded that each person’s face skin has its own texture and smoothness. What works for me, might not work for you. So the clean shave differs from person to person.
So there, you have it. So far, I have used 4 major electric shaver. Now I can say, this is the one I will carry with me when I travel; because this is the one giving me clean shave without any irritation to my skin at all. Not to mention the amount of time savings for shaving.

This is the first part of the 4 part article. The experiences explained here are from the use of the shaver for 7 days. So stay tuned for the next update on this article series.

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