Top Home Automation Tech to Stop Property Crimes in Malaysia

Property crimes make up around 85% of the crimes listed on Malaysia’s annual crime index, with the rate of incidents increasing by around 55% between 2010 and 2017. These crimes include breaking and entering and stealing possessions and vehicles. In the face of growing demand, the home automation industry has stepped up to the plate, with a number of separate systems now available to stop crime at various levels and in various points of the home. In studies by ABI Research, it was found that the global sensor and device market for home security and automation is expected to grow exponentially this year. Some of the biggest challenges facing homeowners in Malaysia include remote monitoring and control of home security systems, along with cutting down on energy costs. Fortunately, home security and automation systems can go a long way in helping homeowners achieve these goals.

Keeping an Eye Inside and Out

As is the case in the rest of the world, creating a safe, secure home in Malaysia can involve a plethora of devices, including IP CCTV. IP CCTV cameras. These devices can help homeowners view everything that is occurring in and around their homes, as well as record all footage for later consultation.

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Images taken can be sent to a specific network or to the Internet. IP CCTV cameras are easy to install and manage; they can adapt to existing home surveillance systems and best of all, they are affordable for the average Malaysian family.

Currently, IP CCTV smart home cameras range in price from as low as RM 65.00 (approximately) to around RM 5,090.00, with more expensive systems containing various cameras (and more than one camera type), as well as features such as automatic zooming, motion tracking, night vision in color, spotlight technology, and even sirens to function as deterrents.

They also have a wide range of views (approximately 180º) and are wireless. When selecting a camera, the quality of the images recorded is key if potential burglars are to be easily identified. The top-of-the-range cameras record in ultra-high definition, regardless of the weather outside.

Smart Locks for Child Safety

In Malaysia, many households have at least one child, with statistics obtained in 2018 revealing that 29% of Malaysia’s 32.4 million population comprising children. The home security industry reflects these figures, with many features designed around keeping burglars out and children safe inside their homes.

Smart locks, which use features such as pin codes and security codes for access to homes, are leading the way, with newer models offering alarm integration to alert for burglary, property destruction, and fire. With respect to children, smart locks keep wandering toddlers inside of their homes, allowing parents to control locking/unlocking features from their mobile phones.

Bearing in mind the rapidity with which children can run across the road or into the garden and pool area, ensuring they are kept within safe areas of the home is key. To be extra safe, if you have sharp equipment in the kitchen, smart cupboards (which require a code to open) are ideal. You don’t have to fill the entire kitchen with this ultra-safe apparatuses; instead, you can install them only where potentially dangerous items and products are kept.

Biometrics for Easy Identification

At the forefront of a smart lock, tech is biometrics – which relies on individual home dweller’s biological characteristics (such as their eyes or fingerprints) to grant or deny them access to the home (or to different parts of a home). Some biometric scans even use breath analysis, though the latter is generally not yet available for home use. Currently, the most popular home biometrics systems rely on fingerprint recognition.

If you are in the market for a biometric lock, ensure specific features are present in the system you choose – including multiple fingerprint access, a built-in alarm, live finger detection, and a mechanical key option in case you prefer to revert to ‘old school’ opening and locking of doors. 

Smart Louvres for Home Security

The weather in Malaysia can be scorching in peak months, with 2019 seeing a heatwave that lasted from February until April. One solution opted for by owners of high-end homes are electric blinds or smart louvers, comprising individual panels able to move 360º so as to capture as much or as little sun as homeowners desire.

These louvers can be programmed to automatic (so the blinds automatically move in line with the sun) or individually programmed to fully open or close. As can be imagined, the fully closed mode can work well to keep the interior of your home away from prying eyes when you are not home.

Smart Alarms for Quick Action

Smart home alarm systems contain many of the features mentioned above, including cameras in and around the home, and apps that allow users to monitor their home’s safety even when they are far away.

When opting for an alarm system, ensure that sound is up to scratch as well. Sometimes, thieves can wear disguises so that they cannot be identified visually – though their voice may give them away.

Investing in a cutting edge system will enable all recorded footage to be clearly viewed, and potential thieves to be identified either by the homeowners themselves of by the police.

Property crimes make up a significant percentage of indexed crimes in Malaysia. Savvy homeowners are therefore turning to technology to keep them safe at home. When it comes to security, thieves are only one piece of the puzzle, of course.

Equally vital is the ability to control access, both for third parties and for minors and pets, who need to be limited to specific parts of the home for their safety and security. From biometrics to movement sensors, devices and home alarm systems are making it easier for home dwellers across the globe to rest easy and know that their home is safe – whether or not they are in it!

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