Effective Ways to Replace a Dead iPad Battery

You’re trying to turn on the iPad device, but nothing appears on the screen. And, there’s no apple logo on the display screen. 

What could be the reason?

If your iPad device isn’t showing anything or is displaying a black screen when you try to press the power button, it means your iPad doesn’t have enough power or some other features stop working.  

One of the most appreciated features of the iPad is its fantastic battery life along with a high-resolution display and a dominant processor; Apple’s tablet grants a battery life of up to 10 hours. However, this number won’t always remain the same over time. And, you’re now at the stage – when you charge your iPad every time, its battery starts degrading frequently. It is time to replace the battery!

Replacement of a dead iPad battery isn’t always easy because Apple has different designs, and its products come up with solid cases. However, it doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars again to buy a new iPad. The prices of apple repair in Singapore vary, depending on the models and issues. In the following guide, we’ll assist by showing some practical ways to replace dead iPad batteries!

Why Your iPad Battery is Draining Frequently?

There could be several reasons for draining iPad battery power. It includes opening too many apps or having too much brightness and others that can ruin iPad’s battery life. You should also pay attention to apps and software issues that are eating up the most battery. There might even be certain problematic apps consuming a ton of battery even when you’re not using them. 

Let’s discuss in detail what could be the reasons – your iPad battery is draining so often!

Natural Wear and Tear of the Battery

From any technique, absolutely all batteries are “consumables.” It would be best if you replaced it without fail. The batteries are designed for a specified number of charge and discharge cycles. On average, this value is 300 cycles. Then the battery life begins to degrade, reducing its capacity. Hence, it charges and discharges faster. If you pull to replace the iPad battery or damage its integrity, chemical processes begin to occur in the battery with the release of gas. It swells and squeezes out the screen, damaging the internal modules of the tablet. And if you suddenly pierce it, it’ll catch fire quite seriously or even burst into flames. 

Moisture on the iPad

If liquid gets on the tablet and gets inside, blow-drying or a bag of rice won’t help. Water leaves oxides, which further damages your battery from inside. Because of this, the contact on the loops and the battery controller disappears and can cause a short circuit. Water may well cause the tablet to fail even after cleaning and soldering the motherboard. So, you still have to replace the battery on the iPad.

A Sharp Drop in Temperature

When the temperature changes, a Li-ion battery will start changing its capacity. If you use your iPad in cold weather, don’t be surprised if it runs out quickly. In addition to cold weather, lithium-ion batteries don’t tolerate heat (over 40 degrees). Direct exposure to the sun’s rays can significantly damage the device.

Non-Original Charger

Generally, the iPad device requires a standard 2 amp 5v power supply to get charge. The Chargers ordered or bought on the market have different characteristics, including a load on the power controller, battery, and socket. Replacing the iPad battery will be needed many times earlier than planned, even if it charges faster.

In all these cases, you’ll need to replace the battery on the iPad. It’s simply not realistic to do it yourself without damaging the elements of the tablet. The battery on the iPad has to be completely disassembled to change it. Additionally, Taking assistance from Apple store professionals also supports replacing your iPad’s battery. They have the appropriate tools and matched spare parts to bring a dead iPad battery into life. 

Non-Original USB Cable

Make sure that your USB cables are Apple Certified (MFI) and working effectively. Non-original uncertified low-quality cables may damage your iPad battery life in the long term. You should always check whether they’re certified before using them.

Problematic Apps or Software Issues

Do you remember the problematic apps that take up your iPad’s battery even when you are not using them? If you want to prolong the iPad battery life, they should be your first stop. If you’re going to keep them, you can disable the Background Apps.

How to Replace a Dead iPad Battery?

iPads Under Warranty (AppleCare)

While you’re struggling with the iPad’s battery and thinking about replacing it, the first thing to determine – whether it’s under warranty or if you have an AppleCare+ plan for it. In either of these cases, you might end up paying a fee to get the battery replaced. Or, Apple will replace the battery for free. Thus, the Apple store will provide you with an entire replacement iPad. 

However, you might not be sure – whether your Apple device is under warranty or not. Let’s help you to figure it out. Generally, Apple offers a system to check if your device is still under contract.

If your Apple device is still under warranty, open Apple’s official website and go to the Apple Support webpage. Now, open the link to start the service request. The other solution is to make an appointment at the Apple Store and take your device for replacement. However, don’t forget to make a backup of your data to avoid losing your data before handing it over to the Apple store.

The professionals of the Apple store will check your device to determine the actual causes and whether those causes can be covered by the warranty or not. The store will return your device within 3-5 business days after the replacement.

iPads With an Expired Warranty

If your iPad device isn’t under warranty or its warranty is expired, there are other multiple solutions you can try out. So, it’s recommended that you hand your device to Apple. The technicians of such stores will replace your battery. The store might charge a fee for replacing a battery along with shipping and handling. For starting the repair, it’s recommended that you Start a Service Request on the Apple site again or visit the store.

It might seem like an expensive option. But, it’s quite worth instead of purchasing a new phone. The time when it’s not worth replacing a battery if you have an older generation of iPad. By selling your older iPad, you can use that money to buy a new iPad device. Selling your used iPad to Apple will provide a store credit to buy a new one instead of cash.

iPad Battery Replacement at Third-Party Stores

Hiring third-party stores’ professionals provide iPad battery replacement service. It is more authentic if these are authorized repair shops. Some electronic stores or kiosks at various locations like malls benefit from replacing your iPad’s battery completely. However, make sure you’re using your best judgment for choosing this track. It’s not only under budget but can also successfully replace your battery. 

Handing over your device to non-professionals or unqualified technicians might damage your iPad while trying to replace the battery. Therefore, it’s advisable to handle those replacements and repairs through an Apple-authorized store or kiosk. Such stores have trained professionals who go through specialized training in working with Apple products. In addition, you can also take recommendations from other customers or check out the various websites to read reviews posted by other customers. Such insights provide a valuable detail over choosing well-reputable third-party professionals. So, check out all online entities to hire a proficient technician. They mustn’t put in a bad battery for a replacement.

The DIY Technique for Replacement 

What Are The Ways To Replace A Dead Ipad Battery

If you haven’t enough budget or feel OK with your device, it’s advisable that – don’t open up your device and switch it by yourself. Doing this can put your device at risk or cause some loss that isn’t good for your device. But, don’t rely on DIY techniques. Otherwise, you might end up losing your device permanently. This further also lessens the chances of repairing your appliances. 

The price of battery replacements generally depends on models. However, ignoring the action of battery replacement will typically void any warranty that you have left on the iPad. As we discussed above, numerous online stores offer iPad battery replacement services. Just make sure you receive the fully guaranteed one and designed particularly for the generation of iPad that you have.

If you’re experienced and love fixing devices yourself, it’s advisable to watch multiple YouTube videos or read various tutorials about replacing your iPad battery. If you’re qualified enough to complete your job successfully, you must have enough knowledge and a sense of accomplishment that moves along with a DIY project.

Wrapping Up!

The technicians registered in Apple stores will replace the battery as quickly and efficiently as possible. The work will take very little time, depending on the causes.  The battery can be replaced anywhere in Singapore at any time. It is especially true when sugary liquids or moisture gets into your tablet and requires immediate drying of your iPad’s battery. You can also count on replacing the iPad battery with a professional warranty for the refurbished gadget with the replaced battery pack.

A shop of iPad repair in Singapore has all the trained and experienced technicians that operate and fix the issues within a limited time. From data recovery to repair services, these proficient partners can handle everything. 

So, contact your nearest Apple store today and replace your iPad asap!

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