ZUS – The Only Performance Car Phone Charger and Locator [Review]

ZUS – a smart charger for your mobile devices and a car locator. And probably the only high-performance charger available in the market today.

If you are in this post, you have probably already owned more than a few smartphones. As a continuous problem when we are using smartphones, it drains out the battery due to excessive usage.

Many of us use car chargers for phones or even for tablets. Now, until today, I have bought over 10 to 12 different brands of car chargers. Some of them are cheap, some are not. Problem was, they have not performed as expected. Usual 2 port USB car chargers, most of the time they do not charge 2 devices at the same time with some consistency. This becomes a problem when you are going out somewhere and you need your car chargers to be reliable to charge your devices.

I knew about the Indiegogo edition of ZUS (by Nonda). The idea seemed interesting and feasible. Then I got an email requesting to do testing on this device. I am always open to review these devices and their potential.

After testing it for almost a month, ZUS outperformed my expectations.

I will spare you all the nitty-gritty technical details, but here is the overall summary of it.


  • The design is stealth. It is slightly heavier than any other product I have used. If I am not mistaken, the design concept is very much like a stealth fighter itself.
    ZUS - Design
  • The LED lights are well crafted and minimalist from a design perspective. You will notice the lights also on the edge of the USB ports. I must say this is another good design advantage. Because it can be really a headache when you are trying to find the USB port in the dark. The illumination will remind you about the backlit designs of the MacBook keyboard.
  • ZUS is also a car locator. The ZUS app connects to the phone’s GPS system and tags the car location when turning off the car. It even works when there is no cell reception. The GPS tagging works flawlessly outdoors. Because most modern smartphones can’t detect GPS data inside a building.
    ZUS Smart Locator
  • Parking timer assistant is a nifty feature too. Once ZUS tagged your car parking location, it can additionally set a timer for you. So that you can avoid a parking ticket penalty.
  • The body material has a premium titanium-coated finish. It feels solid and tough in hand.
    ZUS design and material
  • Nonda claimed, ZUS is following the ‘military-grade. It means that ZUS is in the scope of meeting MIL-STD-810G temperature standards by the US Military. Basically, it can withstand heat up to 100ºC
  • This is also a smart charger. It knows how much power needed for your phone to be charged safely and at
    the optimal speed of charging. It can provide up to 4.8amps for charging consistently over 2 ports.
    ZUS Smart Charger - iOS & Android

Technical Data:

Charging time

ZUS Charging Time

On a normal sunny day, ZUS temperature running at 31ºC to 32ºC, if you compare with many other car charger products. You will be surprised to find out ZUS has the lowest temperature for a car charger charging 2 devices at the same time. Many of the other products I’ve used had gone up to the temperature of 50ºC to 55ºC.


  • Fantastic design and build
  • It’s a smart charger, safe and optimal speed of charging.
  • Supports a wide range of smartphones and tablets. I even tried it with GoPro and it worked.
  • The charging temperature is in the safe boundary, built-in cooling mechanics
  • The material is designed to last long
  • It can save your parking location
  • It can also set a reminder for your parking location


  • The app integration with ZUS needs to be optimized. Re-connecting a ZUS device or multiple ZUS devices might need to take a bit more time than usual.

Price vs Value:

ZUS MSRP price is set to $34. While you can get a car charger for $9 – $19. You might want to rethink and look up the points put up in the post. So, I have spent roughly $160 worth of car chargers and now I end up with ZUS. And I will not use other chargers. I don’t even need the GPS car location tagging feature, the 4.8amps dual-port charging consistency and quality already sold me to it. Definitely, ZUS wins at price vs value comparison for the long run.

Get your own ZUS today.

Credit (Images): Via official ZUS website.

Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid for the review. The test device sent to me without any regulatory restrictions. That means the testing and opinion are my own about the device.

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