Where to Get the Cheapest Backorder Domains?

Whether you’re starting a new business or are rebranding and need to register your domain name, there’s nothing more annoying than finding out the domain you want is taken.

You thought that this meant going back to the drawing board to find another name or create something unique that aligns with your business, and then you heard about backorder domains.

Now you want to know what domain backorders are and what company offers the cheapest backorder domains. We’ve done some research and found some information that we think you’ll find helpful.

Keep reading to learn about what domain backorders are and where you can find the cheapest domain backorder service provider.

What is a Domain Backorder?

Things happen, and sometimes domain owners forget to renew their domain on time.

Most domain registrars will give domain owners a determined grace period to renew their domain at a higher cost than they would have paid if they renewed on time.

The risk of losing your domain because you forgot to renew it on time should serve as a reminder to set up notifications once you get your domain, so you never find yourself in the position of losing your domain.

If the current owner doesn’t renew within the grace period, different domain registrars will compete to renew the domain on behalf of their customers. This process is known as a backorder or a “drop catch”.

Backordering expired domains is an easy and reasonably cheap way to secure your first few valuable names.

For a small fee, backordering services register domains as soon as they become available in the domain name registrars. 

How does a Domain Backordering Work?

If your domain registrar is the only one that makes an offer for the domain, it goes to you through their sales process.

If more than one person is interested in the same domain, it goes to auction, and the highest bidder gets the domain.

Cheapest Backorder Domains Process

You may be thinking that you can do the process independently and don’t need to go through a domain backorder service provider.

While it is true that you could go through the process of buying an expired domain without a service provider, your chances of getting the ideal domain you want won’t be good.

When you go through a domain backorder service provider, you get access to features in addition to purchasing the domain. One of these benefits includes simplifying tracking the status of expired domains.

Service providers also have advanced connections and tools to acquire domains that increase the probability of registering the domain you want successfully.

The types of services that Domain Backorder Service providers offer that you can benefit from are:

Domain Monitoring

Service providers include domain monitoring as part of their service. This checks if the business that owns the domain you want has renewed the domain name.

Domain Registration

If your bid for the backorder domain is successful, many service providers will register the domain name for you, sometimes at a discounted price.

Advanced Filtering Options

Advanced filtering includes checking each company for a list of available domain names.

When the name you want isn’t available, you might find a domain that works better for your business or is more affordable than the domain you desire.

The filtering capabilities will allow you to search by TLD (top-level domain), sort by the expiry date or price.

Cheapest Backorder Domain Services

If the sound of auctions has you concerned about what it’s going to cost to go this route to get your domain, we’ve got you covered. There are also private auctions and public auction. We’ve done our research, and we’ve found three of the cheapest domain backorder service providers for you.


Dynadot Cheapest Backorder Domains

When you visit Dynadot’s website, you’ll find a page that has a list of “soon to fully expire” domains. If you see a domain you want, you can request it, and the system will try to catch the dream domain for you. You don’t have to pay anything to make the request.

If you’re the only person to request the domain and the time-left expires, Dynadot creates an order, and they put the domain in your account.

If more than one person is interested in the domain, there’s an auction, and all Dyndot users interested in the domain can place a bid. Once the winner is determined, Dynadot sets the domain in your account.

Dynadot backorder domain extension include .com, .net, and .org for $14.00. If you’re looking for a site that isn’t common in the U.S., you’ll have to find another domain backorder provider.


Godaddy Cheapest Backorder Domains

GoDaddy is probably the most popular of the backorder domain providers on this list. Like Dynadot, if more than one person wants the same domain, it goes to auction. Unlike Dynadot, you pay $25 upfront when you go through GoDaddy; however, your money isn’t gone if you lose your bid.

Payment upfront does have benefits with GoDaddy. The fee includes one-year registration of your domain name once you get the backorder domain success. In addition to this, you also get complimentary domain monitoring membership and tracking along with a one-year membership to GoDaddy Auction.

If your domain goes to auction because you weren’t the only one that wanted it, GoDaddy places the money you paid towards your first bid. Should you lose your bid, GoDaddy will transfer your payment into a credit which you can use to purchase another domain.


Pool Domain Backorder

Pool is one of the cheapest backorder domains provider that doesn’t require payment to request a domain. You pay a $60 fee once the domain is acquired. The fee also includes one year of domain name registration.

There are no limits on how many domains you can submit a backorder on. So you can increase your chances of getting one of your ideal domains by requesting a few.

If you aren’t the only person interested in the domain name and it goes to auction, that bid will replace the standard fee should your bid be the winner.

Most auctions run for three days, except for .CO domains, where the auctions run for five days.

Pool boasts a 95% success rate for deleting, and new domains and claims to be the market leader.


If you think that the domain you want is a popular one, and you’re worried about going through the auction process and want to avoid the heartbreak of having a losing bid, maybe you want to take a moment to consider other domain name options.

If you’ve decided to go for it and place a domain backorder, we’ve given you some suggestions on the cheapest backorder domain service providers.

We can help if you’re on the fence by looking over the perfect domain you want and checking if any SPAM is associated with the domain. You don’t want to invest in a domain that has been flagged for SPAM behavior before you got it.

Contact us to learn more about the worth of the domain you want and its history; then, you can make an informed decision about the direction you want to head in.

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