Cloud Backup Services: Pros and Cons for Businesses

Studies by the FBI show that more than 4,000 ransomware attacks occur daily since Jan 2016. And now that it is 2020, we can only imagine the rise in these numbers. This has created a need to prepare and backup important data in advance. In this era of technology, cloud backups have proved to be the best online backup solutions. Cloud backups enable businesses to save their important files and data on virtual cloud space. Businesses should not neglect this important step.

Although, the complete process of backing up data adds an extra burden on the employees. Outsourcing these functions to a Managed Service Provider reduces the tasks of creating and managing large data backups regularly for employees. And Ighty Support LLC, -The Best Managed IT Services in Fort Worth, offers a complete range of Managed IT Services including cloud-based backup solutions. They help businesses plan secure data backups & recovery and ensures that at least a few backups are made regularly for precautions, in case of any disaster strike.

Cloud services are more popular as compared to traditional backup options. Experts estimate that the global market for cloud backup services is expected to reach $190.5 billion by 2024. Even if there are certain cons of using cloud backups that can prevent people from using them, they can easily be covered by its pros and the help of your service provider who can guide you on how to avoid those risks effortlessly. 

What are the Pros of using Cloud Backup Services?

Advantage of Cloud Backup - Pros of using Cloud Backup Services

#1. Affordable Costs

Cloud backups are affordable in comparison to setting up and maintaining a complete in-house backup system. You only have to pay for the cloud space and services you need. This will easily save you from spending huge amounts of cost on a backup system.

#2. Flexibility in Optimizing Cloud Space

With the increase in the accumulation of data every day, you would eventually need more cloud space for your backing up your data. Cloud backups give you the flexibility to easily increase your cloud space and backup your expanding data size.

#3. 24/7 Remote Access via Internet

In this ever-moving world, when you work day and night, from anywhere based on your preferences, you need technology and access to your files at all times. Even to your backup files, because you never know when your system stops working. Cloud backups make your life easy and give you the advantage of accessing your backups via the internet from any time and anywhere. 

#4. Auto-Backups

Cloud backups with their auto-sync feature give you the benefit of not needing to remember and backup data regularly. The main server can be synced with the server that stores your backup files. This enables automatic backups, as soon as any changes are made in files saved on the main file server, your backup files get updated with the changes.

#5. Secure Storage

Cloud backups ensure a great level of security for your backup data. The files are encrypted with a unique key that keeps them secure. Since the backup files are saved on an external system outside of the office network, they are more secure in case the internal system breaks down or is attacked by ransomware.

#6. Quick Data Recovery

Many backup systems take excessive time in restoring data after the disaster strikes, which becomes a barrier in restarting all the functions again. Therefore, it is advised to backup files virtually on cloud space that can be retrieved quickly in case of emergencies. This helps you resume and continue your business operations as efficiently as before the situation arose.

#7. Shared Cloud Backup 

Do you have a large computer network that holds important information about your business, and you need backups of all if it? Then, you would be relaxed when you learn that cloud backups allow you to backup files from multiple devices or systems at a time on shared cloud space. You can easily set up one cloud backup on all the systems of your network. This will help you keep a systemized and collected backup of all your important files. 

What are the Cons of using Cloud Backups?

#1. Escalating Costs 

As your business grows, its data requirements increase. If you use cloud-based backup services, you would need to ensure that you have enough cloud space to backup the expanding file size. In that scenario, such backup solutions can be too expensive, as you would have to pay large sums of money to keep utilizing up-to-date cloud backup services. 

#2. Requires Speedy Network Connectivity

Data backup and recovery are complicated processes and should be completed without any interruptions. Moreover, while using online backup solutions such as cloud backup services, it is important to have a speedy internet connection for efficient and quick data backup and recovery processes. 

#3. Bandwidth Limitations

Cloud backup service providers offer both limited and unlimited bandwidths for your networks. You should make sure you select a plan that provides you with sufficient bandwidth for your data backups and recovery. If by any chance you surpass the limits, you would have to pay additional charges that will most likely be higher than the usual rates. 

#4. Security of Data Stored on a Third-Party Server

Your data backups saved on a third-party server can be at the risk of privacy breaches or being lost if anything goes wrong with the external server’s system. Before finalizing the contract with any service provider, do a thorough check on their standards of services.

Cloud Backup Solutions have numerous advantages that can easily outnumber their limited disadvantages. It is easy to pick if you want cloud-based backup services for your business, but when it comes to selecting a trusted service partner, it becomes a crucial decision.

Neglecting the importance of the right service provider can make these few disadvantages cost you more than you can imagine. How? Because when you approach a service provider for online backup solutions, you have to share your business’ data with an outside person.

Only the right decision can help your business advance to the path of success. To make the best use of all the benefits of cloud services, you need the right service partner by your side. Someone whom you can trust with the security of your data is always ready to answer your queries and provides quality services.

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