3D TV and the Future

Lee Harth

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3D TV and the Future
The dazzling 3D realism of the sci -fi world depicted in Avatar was a memory that will stay with me for a long time. The depth and added dimension that 3D which made you feel like you’re part of the on-screen action, and made characters seem more real. A good 3D movie is a mind blowing experience and Avatar was just that on the big screen.

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Top 6 Gaming Gadgets

Top Gaming Gadgets

Possibly more so than any other medium, computer games have improved exponentially over time. It seems like only yesterday that Pong was the pinnacle of gaming achievement – moving a white line up and down the screen to the sound of bleeps and bloops – realism was not the name of the game (we’ve been through this – Pong was the name of the game). Today though games are almost photo-realistic, worlds are incredibly detailed down to such aspects as the pictures on the walls in the houses, and the plants in the gardens. But while the programming and the design have certainly come on in leaps and bounds, it’s actually the hardware that’s made this possible. And while the processing power has increased more and more with each new ‘generation’, it’s also become more interesting and more innovative at the same time – to the point where some of the consoles are no longer just machines with controllers, but amazing gadgets that you can interact within completely new ways. Here we will look at some of the most incredible gaming gadgets and gizmos that have changed the face of gaming, or at least given us something new and exciting to try.

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How to Get the Best from Your Android Device in 2020?

How to Get the Best from Your Android Device

Have you noticed how people just flip their phones during the meetings and it stops ringing immediately? One can do it by clicking on Settings -> Gestures and enabling the ‘Rotate to Mute’ feature. There are a lot of other Android device hacks and tricks that can make you look high-tech and impress your peers.

Here are some of the best Android tricks to try this year:

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The Best Cameras for Vloggers and Vlogging 2019

The Best Cameras for Vloggers and Vlogging 2019

Vlogging has become a new trend on the internet. Many vloggers think that they just need talent, skill, and a camera for vlogging. The camera is the main tool which is used by vloggers to capture the video, hence, be very careful while selecting the camera for vlogging. You might want to use the built-in camera of your laptop but if you want other people to watch your videos without missing any details, then investing in a good quality stand-alone camera can be a good move.

The demand for the camera for vlogging purposes is increasing day by day. A wide range of vlogging cameras is available in the market. Hence, it is very important to list down your needs and requirements and then find a camera accordingly. Another essential thing to keep in mind while purchasing a camera for vlogging purposes is to work out the type of shoot you want to conduct.

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How Car Geeks Can Set a Routine Maintenance Schedule That Works

Car Maintenance

From the legacy of classic James Dean films to the allure of Route 66, there is nothing more American than cars and the open road. People love their cars. And if they treat them right, their cars will love them back.

There are so many simple maintenance tips that can lead to both a smoother ride and a longer life for your car. Not only is it often much easier than you think, but these small, ongoing investments in time and money can pay off big in the long run.

To do it right, all you need is a bit of insight. The following tips include both the types of maintenance to do and a rough maintenance schedule for when each task should be carried out.

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