Top 5 Reasons Why Philips AquaTouch AT940 is a Traveler’s Best Friend – The Final Part [Review]

Philips AquaTouch AT940 Review

This the continued from the previous part of the review and I have decided to combine part 3 and 4 together in this last episode.

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This part of the review mainly contains technical data, Eco, and the verdict.

Let’s take a look at the technical details first before getting down to the Eco-friendly things.

Reason #4 – Technical Advantages

  1. 3 minutes quick charge for 1 shave. This is really useful when you are in a hurry and the shaver is out of charge. You do not need to charge it completely before using it.
  2. 2 LED indication: Battery full, Battery low, Charging, Quick charge indication.
  3. Once a year replacement of HQ9 blades. You do not need to carry around any extra blades.
  4. DualPrecision Shaving, Super Lift & Cut, TripleTrack cutting system is putting the shaving blades nearer to the skin than any other shavers in this class.
  5. Dynamic contour response – follows your faces contour.
  6. SmartPivot adjusts with your faces curved areas easily.
  7. Fast full charge – 60 minutes complete charge of the device. Many other shavers that I have used requires 2 to 8 hours to charge completely.
  8. Maintenance fewer blades do not require you to do an oil-based cleaning like many other devices in this category.
  9. An automatic voltage from 100-240 V – yes you can use it all over the world without changing the charger or use any converter.

Reason #5 – Ecological Benefits

  1. Low power consumption – approx 5.4w max. Less than 0.2w while on standby.
  2. Blades do not require you to change them frequently so fewer items to throw out.
  3. Really less noise pollution, you can see from the sound testing below that it does not make up such a noise that can wake up your kids or neighbor. I have tested the sound DB level for AquaTouch, which is 65 dB. Both for the pop-up trimmer and the shaver.
    Sound Level - AquaTouch AT940
  4. Easier and less time to clean it up. Just use water and rinse. It does not carry other chemical compounds for cleaning up.


The Verdict:

My overall rating is: 4/5 Almost perfect.

It is definitely one of the best that I have used so far (out from a total of 6 electric shavers). This is designed for the urban men lifestyle and quite surprisingly it fits the needs for a urban traveler too. As for a rotary shaver, it is not always possible to have 100% clean shave but this comes really close to it (experience from using 3 of the other rotary shaver I had). While some people complain about the size but I found it really light and comfortable to hold in my hand. The performance was much better than what I have expected.

You can see here, Philips AquaTouch AT940 is not only a great buy but it is a smart buy for the long run.

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