4 Quick Tips for Blogging Inspiration

4 Quick Tips for Blogging Inspiration
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It has been said before and it’ll be said before: content is king.

Whether your blog is your business or you use it as a medium to drive extra traffic to your site, creating interesting and quality content is key. Without it, how will you get new readers to pay attention to you? What will keep readers coming back to your blog for more? What will get your readers to share your content? And, what will help your blog climb Google’s daunting ranks?

Aside from finding the motivation to write, which shouldn’t be an issue because the success of your business is dependent on this, sometimes it is a struggle to think of a worthy topic to write about.

Here are several strategies I use when I seem to be having a little writer’s block.

Update an old post

If you’re in need of a new post, look back to topics you’ve already written about. Skim your titles and the body of the posts to see if there is anything you can write about again. If something has happened or changed, you can write on the same topic as it relates to the changes. Or, maybe you briefly touched on an interesting subject. Take this subject and transform it into a full-length post.

This is an easy way to add new content to your blog. You’ve already done your research and have the post partially written. All you need to do is add the new details and examples to bring the post up to date.

Turn to a current event

In my opinion, the best way to create quality content for your blog is keep it current. What is important to your readers? Look what is in the news and relate it to your blog niche.

Rather than simply rehashing the news, make it your own. Share your reaction or opinion on the topic. Your readers will appreciate that you’ve thought out an analysis.

Other influential people

What are other bloggers in your niche blogging about? Turn to your favorite blogs and their Twitter accounts and see if you can discuss a similar topic for your blog.

To take it a step further, analyze their argument and reflect, react, and share your opinion about their post. Make sure to link to the blog post your discussing, and then try to notify the blog to see if they want to share your post with their readers. This is a great way to build a network, and an easy strategy to garner more readers.

Audience as inspiration

If you have a curious audience of readers who like to comment questions on your posts or email questions to your inbox, try turning their inquiries into blog posts. Rather than keeping your responses private, make them quality public content!

Also, analyze your previous posts and see which topics earn a lot of traffic. Write more about these topics because your audience obviously likes them.

August Drilling, from Forte Promotions which sells promotional products, loves social media and is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

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