Lazy Blogger's guide to Super Charge WordPress with 100+ Plugins

lazybloggers supercharging wordpress plugins

Ask yourself a question, “Are you a Lazy Blogger?”. Even if you are not, these plugins will bring you to next evolution for your WordPress blog which will change the way you do blogging.

“Why do you need these plugins?”. Because, WordPress is the best and the most expandable blogging platform in the world, the plugin architecture simply gives you the power to add engaging features, improve communication and build a strong relation between you and your blog readers. Savvy? No?

Blogging is about writing great content and if your spend all your sweet time modifying your blog by hard coding then “When will you find the time to write the great content?”. Makes you think? By the time you reach over this post, you might be so proud of yourself that you have actually 23 plugins installed on your WordPress and you begin to think like you are getting professional. Well my friend, I can tell you one thing –

“Quality matters over Quantity”

Today the mission of this post is to guide you to discover the most useful, smart and efficient plugins for WordPress. These plugins will let you concentrate more about writing your content rather than spending time over managing the blog.

Carefully hand picked and incredibly handy WordPress plugins to power up your blog are included in this list. Among some popular WordPress plugins you also will discover new, not so well known or underrated but extremely useful WordPress plugins.

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2 Highly Effective Types of Content – Other Than Blog Articles

Highly Effective Types of Content Other Than Blog Articles

If you’re like most businesses online, the first thing you think of when you hear content marketing is blog articles. However, even though blog articles have proven to be highly effective, there are many other types of content that you should include in your content marketing strategy.

Different types of customers are influenced by different types of content in a variety of ways. Most of the time, using more than one content type helps you reach out to customers and connect with them at different stages of the digital sales funnel.

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Securing a Blog’s Content, Readers and Customers From Cyber Disasters

Securing a Blog’s Content, Readers and Customers From Cyber Disasters

A blog can be a big asset for a small business owner. B2B marketers who blog generate 67 percent more leads than those who do not, according to InsideView research. But just as blogging can be a great business asset, losing your blog due to a cyber disaster can be potentially devastating to your business, costing you content, readers and customers. Here are some ways to protect your business against the risk of blog disasters.

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How to Make Your Blog Posts SEO Friendly

How to Make Your Blog Posts SEO Friendly

Back in 1996, Bill Gates wrote his famous article “Content Is King”, and this title became one of the most quoted phrases ever. It’s astonishing that more than two decades later, this still implies as the content is among the most powerful tools for building brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, and attracting your customers’ attention, among many other things. The key is in producing relevant, quality content that people want to read, and offer them useful and helpful information, and entertain them at the same time. Still, no matter how great your content is, and how much your target audience can benefit from it, you need to promote it and make sure that it can easily be found. SEO is the best strategy that can help you reach your target audience and boost your site traffic.

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12 Major Benefits of Guest Blogging

Major Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging has become one of the most important parts of every Digital Marketing Strategy. Especially in 2020, where the search engine optimization landscape has changed a lot from the old keyword stuffing approach to the latest techniques for generating more sales like guest blogging, influencer marketing, etc. You have to consider guest blogging if you want to make your business grow and increase your sales.

Guest Blogging is about writing and publishing content on a website that is relevant to your niche. You’d be writing content for the website while engaging your intended audience in a way that they’d feel compelled to check out your Website. And with a link to your website added into the content, you can direct your readers to your platform.

It offers you with a faster and effective way of generating more leads for your business. Check out these 12 major benefits of guest blogging you can get in 2020.

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