12 Major Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging has become one of the most important parts of every Digital Marketing Strategy. Especially in 2020, where the search engine optimization landscape has changed a lot from the old keyword stuffing approach to the latest techniques for generating more sales like guest blogging, influencer marketing, etc. You have to consider guest blogging if you want to make your business grow and increase your sales.

Guest Blogging is about writing and publishing content on a website that is relevant to your niche. You’d be writing content for the website while engaging your intended audience in a way that they’d feel compelled to check out your Website. And with a link to your website added into the content, you can direct your readers to your platform.

It offers you with a faster and effective way of generating more leads for your business. Check out these 12 major benefits of guest blogging you can get in 2020.

#1. Improves your Website DA 

Domain Authority or generally known as the DA of a website is a performance measuring metric that determines how well your website would do in terms of its search engine rankings. With your entire SEO efforts, your goal is to increase the DA of your website and make it higher than your competition. Guest blogging would help you with that. When you post your content on a website with higher DA, quality traffic comes to your platform which increases your platform’s reputation i.e. DA in the eyes of search engines.    

#2. Helps in Backlinking

With backlinking, your objective is to attract prospects from other relevant platforms to your website. Guest blogging is the most effective and safest way of gaining quality backlinks for your website. When you write a guest blog for someone, the idea is to add a link to your website somewhere appropriate within the content. Instead of randomly going on different platforms and adding backlinks to their comments sections, you can integrate guest writeup into your backlinking strategy. 

#3. Get More Prospects

When you do guest blogging on a site that is ranked and has a higher DA, your chances of getting more prospects for your business increase a lot. The rest is all up to the level of engagement that your platforms offer to the visitor. But since with guest blogging, you get relevant prospects, your chances of generating more sales increase radically.

#4. Attract Relevant Traffic 

The key with guest blogging is, you need to find platforms that are relevant to yours. This is the only way of increasing your sales with guest blogging. Guest blogging helps your target relevant traffic which includes people who actually want to do business with you and are interested in what you are selling. This level of targeted content marketing is the fastest way of making your business grow. Relevant traffic also helps increase people’s trust in your brand which in turn increases your Domain Authority. 

#5. Increases your Brand Visibility 

Guest blogging would help people become aware of your brand. It is a great way of reaching out to your targeted audience and helping them find your business. When you write a guest blog that reflects your brand’s true voice, people tend to resonate with it and feel compelled to check your brand. The catch here is to make your content as catchy and as engaging as possible. When done properly, guest blogging can help increase the visibility of your business against the stream of countless similar platforms.

#6. Portfolio for Content Writers/Marketers

Guest blogging would be a great addition to your portfolio as a Content Writer. Almost every website, whether business or personal, has a blog. If you know how to write an effective guest blog, this opens up many new doors of opportunities for you. You can make your services known in the market. Guest blogging has increased the demand for content for websites which is a great business opportunity for content writing services providers. There are many guest writing services available as well that you can hire for developing effective guest posting services for your Website.

#7. Helps with Social Media Marketing

Making your business appear on every trending social media platform is the most important component of a social media marketing strategy. When you share your guest blog on social media platforms, you attract more prospects towards your business. You can get them to do business with you. Social Media marketing combined with guest blogging is the best way of generating social media leads to your business.     

#8. Make more Sales in Less Time 

When it comes to increasing sales for your business, you can’t rely on conventional means because those strategies are not that effective anymore. With guest blogging, you target a specific section of your audience which increases your chances of making more sales for your business. Out of all the Digital Marketing strategies, guest blogging has proven itself to be effective over and over again when it comes to generating more sales for your business.        

#9. Great Feedback Opportunity 

This is important and useful for both the website owners as well as individual content writers. With guest blogging, you can get instant feedback from your readers about the content that you have written. You can analyze its effectiveness and see whether your current writing style is working or not. You can learn and improve your pitching skills when promoting a business or a brand.    

#10. Boosts your Social Media Following

You are supposed to share your blog posts on social media platforms as a part of your social media marketing strategy. This approach has another upside. When you’re social media followers further share your post, it increases your business reach and you attract more social media followers for your business. A greater number of followers would mean a bigger market for your business. This skyrockets your chances of making a sale. 

#11. Helps you Become an Influencer

Guest blogging improves your skills as a business marketer and influencer. When you write engaging content that grabs your reader’s attention, you get to make your name in the market as a person who is being listened to. People would come to for their business promotion campaigns and you can use your position as an influencer to help businesses market their brands.          

#12. Networking Opportunity     

Guest blogging would help you meet people who have practically achieved where you want your business to be. You can learn from their experience and speed up your progress. Building professional relationships with people who deal with a business that is relevant to yours would enable you to learn what’s working and what’s not. You can come up with a better content marketing solution for your website by analyzing your competition. Guest blogging would help you expand the social network that you can use to leverage the success of your business. 

Final Words:

These are just some of the benefits of guest blogging in 2020. Guest blogging can only be effective when you have engaging content combined with the science of leveraging the human psyche for your advantage. If you do that right, people would automatically want to check out your business.

Use guest blogging as a part of your digital marketing strategy to make your business grow at a much faster pace.

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