Important Website Design Trends for 2019

Your website is the first point of reference for online users and potential customers, to know about your brand. Hence, it is essential to design your site in a way that it looks unique and functions smooth. From the web page font to easy navigation, you need to look into every minute aspect. Google is always coming up with interesting but sudden algorithm changes. And that inevitably leads to changes in website design trends.

It is essential to stay updated with the changing website design trends. One year is enough to result in multiple changes concerning algorithmic updates, visual popularity and SEO best practices. A website that looks swanky and new-age in January might be considered backdated according to the web design trends that change by the end of the year. It is not possible for entrepreneurs to keep on changing their website design and layout, every three or four months. That would be a significant investment, and it will come in the way of other business initiatives.

However, it is possible to design a website based on the crucial website design trends meant to be prevalent for the concerning year. So that when Google releases its updates, you have to add in minute changes instead of huge ones. For this, if you want you can reach out to any professional agency, such as Online Impact 360 that caters to your web design requirements within your budget capacity.

Important web design trends for 2019

With 2018 about to end, it’s time to update your website design for 2019 based on new trends. If you are planning to start a new business website, these trends will unlock favorable business opportunities for you. Regarding website design, 2019 is going to be the year of user experience. These trends mostly hover around unique layouts, attractive design, immersive video and many more. Discussed below are few of the estimated but essential trends:

#1. The growth of the CSS3 animations

Animations are making it big today! Almost every website is using it to improve performance. Also, animations help to make a website interactive. Some of the crucial elements of animation are motion graphics, micro-interactions, background videos, scrolling effects and many more. In recent times, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) animation has gained immense prominence.

Furthermore, the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) animations to have raised its bar in the web animation sphere. You will face no quality loss with SVG animations, even if you choose to resize a file. It is essential to stay updated with this trend.

#2. Asymmetrical layouts and broken grids

Thinking out of the box will be a core element of web design 2019 trends. Recently, asymmetrical designs along with broken designs have created a stir in the web design vertical. Despite the increased preference for flat design from several designers, today there’s a high demand for beautiful, fresh, unconventional and broken web design layouts. The moment you focus on asymmetrical layouts or broken grids, it automatically emphasizes the grid system used for several years on several designs. It includes everything from the outdoor ads, newspaper ads to website ads.

Hence, a grid system is helpful for a web designer to retain consistency and alignment seamlessly, while adding content that includes copy, website content, CTA (Calls to action), headlines and many more. It helps to retain a grid structure and symmetry simultaneously. It gives your website a distinguished look and easy navigation, which is what online users are looking for today.

#3. Parallax

Do you want your visitors to undertake a virtual journey about your company service and product? If yes, Parallax can help you attain the same. It will help you to maximize customer attention and generate a chosen sphere about your product.

Furthermore, it also gives you a good scope of connecting with your audience. An innovative design always makes a website more desirable. Hence, the website designs that have used Parallax offer a dynamic user experience that motivates the users to keep staying longer on their web page.

#4. Typography

Simply put, typography is an aesthetic art that beautifully arranges the text. It makes the text more appealing on the website. However, you need to keep a few rules handy when you play with your fonts. You need to ensure the following:

  • Selecting the apt fonts
  • Choosing the correct font size
  • Make sure that there’s a vertical space in between every line that you type
  • There is proper spacing in between every character
  • Determining the font hierarchy
  • Managing the text block width for ensuring an optimal reading experience

Additionally, you can also define the font hierarchy with spacing, colors as well as the font weight

#5. Shapes

Shapes are an exciting trend to consider for 2019. It somewhere resides in between the flat design minimalism and freestyle of broken grids. Shapes indicate the geometric shapes that we all learned back in school. It comprises the elementary circles, triangles, and hexagons. Concerning web design, shapes have the potential to seal the distance between broken and flat grids. It’s because they can be incorporated into a web design easily. Elementary geometric shapes with vibrant shades will develop exciting edges.

Shapes are versatile. That is the main reason why it’s estimated to be a critical 2019 web design trend. Most often than not, shapes can fit in very quickly close to one another. And this helps to create a hierarchy seamlessly.

Furthermore, expert web designers consider shapes akin to colors. Shapes have their distinctive emotions and thoughts that online users can easily relate to. For instance, circles symbolize unity and rectangles denote stability. Also, rhombuses and triangle are considered to be dynamic. Therefore, when web designers use shapes in a creative pattern or combination, it can impact the feeling, thoughts, and emotions of people. You can make your potential users feel what you want them to feel when they browse your website.

Website design has evolved over the years. From being an online reference point years back, today a website is a center of customer engagement and attraction. Your customers will love to revisit your site if they like their initial navigating experience. Hence, it’s crucial to make your website perceptive, attractive as well as easy to use. When you use the above-discussed website design trends for 2019, you can leverage most from your site design.

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