9 Necessities of Content Marketing You Should Know

The field of content creation may be a fast growing aspect of the internet, but there is no usage for mindless article writing without specific critical inputs and guidelines adhered to. The aim of every article is to make it to the top of the readers’ web page search result, this however requires intentional efforts, as it does not occur unless some factors are put in place. Below is a list of tips to watch out for and adhere to if your article is to make it to the top of the page.

Remember the Golden Rule: The Audience is the Goal

The internet today is a big web of interconnected sites, all aimed towards specific purposes. And in the internet writing world, the age long debate between content marketing and SEO, two parts of a comprehensive system rages. The fact that an optimization for content created is a requirement is in no way to be doubted, this however does not make it the most important aspect upon which emphasis ought to be placed.

The basis of an online reading platform is to ensure that the captivity of the audience is kept at its optimal, for which reason the most important feature to look out for is to keep the contents compelling enough for the audience to keep drooling over.

SEO is only a Microcosm of a Macrocosm

There are a myriad of traffic sources out there, while the bulk may come from searches, it is important for there to be an extensive inclusion of other sources as well, just so you are able to lend a comprehensive hand to your optimization, and these ought to include: email, as well as social media.

It is no myth that there is a lot more out there than just website contents, to have an overview of the several sources that supply your content, open Google Analytics and then Acquisition > Overview, and there will be enough evidence to support this claim from these several sources:

    • Organic Search
    • Email
    • Direct searches
    • Referrals
    • Social Media
    • Paid Searches
  • Other

SEO and the Social Media

Emphasis on comprehensiveness is mere understatement, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Especially since the upgrade of Google’s Hummingbird, the role that social media plays has greatly improved, there is a lot of topics incorporated into our online communications after all. To reach a greater web of people therefore, it is germane to have an impressive strategy for incorporating the social media”

– explains Audra Salinas, a SEO Manager at Writemyx.

SEO is a long-tail strategy

The intricacies of the SEO writing world does not necessarily allow for the reaping of a very straight forward promotion of traffic content. Even when it seems like the green light is around the corner, it is usually short-lived. This is supported by experience as writers experience a resurrection as well as requests that are known to be ages old. All the more reason to want to adopt a social media strategy to enhance and quicken optimization of content.

The Necessity of Keywords

It is easy to suggest that concentration on keywords while playing an important role in content optimization is not totally the bomb of the creative process. And as much as the relevance and validity of this kind of claim rings, it is important to pay attention to it, ensuring that emphasis is placed on them to enable content rank among top quality features. To attain this, creating content should focus on building a network of target keywords and have the article rally around them.

Importance of Technicality

For any successful SEO content writer, there is need to ensure that the technical aspects to SEO content creation are taken care of. These include; ensuring proper index of pages, setting up 301 redirect page so as to see the audience reach their intended goal amidst several content. It is proper to do an audit of content to this end, and this requires knowledge of the whereabouts of content.

Include High Profile Links

It is the mark of a great SEO content to have relevant sources, but what happens when such profiles are themselves linked to the piece? It radically increases the readability for the piece, as long as such linked profile is of an upper standard and is of course relevant to the subject matter. Linking to previous projects done could also be an awesome idea.

Creation of Backlinks

The one most underrated tip when it comes to SEO content creation is the usage of backlinks.

The top results of any given keyword in any article naturally provides a strong backlink profile for that post. To create backlinks therefore becomes an important aspect of SEO content creation”

Says Teresa Delucia, a Marketing blogger at 1Day2Write and Originwritings.

CMI as a Guide

CMI does not limit its optimization and analysis of concepts to mere searches, there is a criterion of decision for optimization of relevant content.

As much as search is an important factor in this network, it is important to allow for social media contents to feature, thus, a need to adopt techniques to effect this.

With each system comes an adaptation to what conveniently suits them, for instance, search includes a consideration of the terms involved, those that are known to have top ratings. It is not so much of a good idea to want to include content that has top priority and a high level of competition social media however has an entirely different approach, as it only lays emphasis on those terms that people specifically watch out for, regardless of their popularity.

Special emphasis is placed on the following contents at CMI (we use Yoast’s SEO plugin for WordPress to do this):

The post title or headline: Under the directive of our SEO editor Tracy Gold, there is an intentional effort towards ensuring that our contents come out with adequate titles as well as catchy headlines, with a disciplined finger on target keywords, of course.

The meta-description: Acute descriptions with the relevant keywords re provided for each post, which is what pops up in the search engine results page with a hint why the search is relevant in the context.

Title tags: Every piece comes with title tags which is used to classify what content is all about, and this includes images, videos as well as other pieces as well.

The category: Although not an explicit aspect to SEO writing, there is a categorization to each of the posts, for organization purposes.

It is obvious that while it is important to produce relevant content to the aim of meeting as much as possible readers’ satisfaction, it is also noteworthy to ensure that such contents have the relevant guides, to enhance their status which naturally complements the quality of the contents. Thus, the highlighted guides are not just important, but critical to the health of a top SEO content.

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