SEO Is Still Keyword Centric, and You Must Know How to Get the Most from Keywords

Google has always tried to understand the context of search queries as much correctly as possible because it is the only way to provide the most appropriate answers. With the help of artificial intelligence and various machine learning processes, Google is continuously enhancing its capabilities to understand the natural language. With search engines now able to understand the intent behind searches much better, the question of whether keywords or topics of content are more important is always a matter of hot discussion in SEO circles.

Google is so good in understanding the natural language that it can identify similar terms for search queries thereby making it less necessary to worry about the way you frame the wording of your content when focusing on a specific keyword phrase.

Some people believe that it is more important to focus on the concepts that Google uses to understand search intent rather than keywords. While this might be partially correct, it does not diminish the importance of keywords in any way. Keywords remain as crucial as before despite the progress made by search engines to decipher search queries more intelligently.

For ranking well in search results, you cannot overlook keywords because it remains central to search engine activities. Keywords remain intrinsically connected to search rankings and to try to undermine the importance of keywords will only be harmful to SEO.

Keywords are still compelling to increase the visibility of websites in search results and drive more traffic that can generate more leads and conversions. Aiming for specific keywords for ranking high in SERP is still a much sought after SEO strategy. For achieving the goal, you have to optimize SEO around the targeted keywords so that search engines become fond of it. It begins by optimizing for keywords.

Optimize for keywords

Selecting the right keywords is often quite challenging because of the intense competition for high volume keywords that have good prospects. The keywords that are right for you perhaps belong to the most popular category that many others also compete for thereby increasing its cost.

Leading SEO players like large companies with strong financial muscles dominate this type of keywords that remains out of reach for most of the competitors. Instead of hitting the dead end by competing for such keywords an intelligent way of dealing with the situation is to work around the stumbling block to find some feasible but less competitive method of achieving your target. Banking on keywords that are less competitive but can perform well should help you to find the way forward without burning holes in your pockets.

According to the experts of Client Surge SEO Company, staying flexible in the choice of keywords should help to bypass competition yet achieve the results that give the confidence of doing better. Focusing on keyword variations helps to work towards the target without much deviation and gives the pleasure of satisfactory performance.

Set realistic expectations

Your expectations about what keywords can do for you have to be very practical or else it will frustrate your efforts. To set realistic expectations, you have to judge the abilities of keywords correctly so that you neither overrate nor underrate its potential to drive traffic. To know about keyword potential, you have to evaluate the competition it faces and test its potential from various angles related to traffic generation. Once you are confident of having made the right choice, you have to work with conviction to see that the keywords attract traffic, but it can take some time.

Follow the footsteps of competitors

What your competitors are doing should always be on your radar because you can learn a lot from them about using keywords for ranking high in search results. See which keywords have helped them rank high and understand the extent of the authority of the websites.

You must also know if the ranking relates any particular page or domain. In addition to gathering maximum information from a competitor, sites compare the content quality that plays a vital role in creating user engagement. The exercise will give you some idea about alternate keywords that could be less competitive but no less effective, and this becomes part of your alternative plan to take care of if the original plan fails. Even if the most preferred keywords remain elusive, you have others that can effectively substitute it.

Be ready with alternatives

Considering that there would be roadblocks in your journey in your search for appropriate keywords you have to take a flexible approach so that you can change tracks and focus on long tail keywords. Long tail keywords would surely be a part of your haul from keyword research, and these would come in handy to circumvent competition. Long tail keywords face low competition but can drive considerable traffic. To stay away from the heat of competition it makes sense to target reasonable keyword performance instead of trying to look for high ranking keywords that would remain out of bounds.

Instead of trying to give a fight to strong competitors, choosing the path of least resistance by banking on long tail keywords is a more dependable survival strategy that helps to sustain the campaign and provides steady returns. It gives you the confidence to move ahead.

Internal links are significant

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO, and whenever we talk of links, usually backlinks comes to the mind. However, backlinks are not the only kind of link important for SEO because internal links that connect the pages of websites are no less critical. Internal links are vital because it guides users to the targeted pages.

The best way of doing it is to provide variations of the keyword to the anchor text on the other pages of the website. Search engines determine the importance of pages by looking at the internal link structure because the crawling and indexing ease is a pointer to user comfort when viewers browse the page.

When you can combine keyword research with the above measures and back it with other SEO optimization techniques, tasting success is only a matter of time.

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