7 Ways Digital Marketers Use What Happens on Call to Optimize Roi

What do you do when you face an issue with a particular service or product? You may react to it by filing a complaint against the service provider or by reviewing them negatively on the internet. But in most cases, your issue gets resolved when you choose to call the service provider and raise your concern. Isn’t it?

No matter how advanced the marketing strategies have got in the past few years, the most convenient and natural way to convert leads into customers remains to be the phone calls. The voice interactions have played a major role in the past in boosting the sales for a business. And if you are aware of the right techniques, you may just be able to boost your ROI using the data received from phone calls.

#1. Make it easier for the customers to call

As mentioned, voice calls are the most effective way to convert your leads into customers. So it becomes essential for you, as a digital marketer, to ensure your prospects can easily locate your contact details as soon as they land on your website. Perhaps, introducing permanent call buttons in the header, footer, and the forms will allow the visitors to call when needed.

Optimizing the website to drive calls is not going to be enough. You should also consider including the call buttons in the digital ads. Be it paid search ads, Facebook ads or display ads, leaving your contact details improves the chances of engagement.

#2. Measure the impact of the calls on your business:

If you have been successful in receiving enough number of calls from the prospects, you are on the right track. However, you may now need to measure the impact of these calls to understand the audience and their needs. Firstly, you need to determine which marketing element has driven the call. It can be the search keywords, a particular marketing channel, the landing page or even a specific advertisement.

Next, you should focus on analyzing the profiles of each caller. What are their geographic locations? Are they first-time callers or repeat callers? During which time of the day they call? These details can be useful in improving your marketing strategy.

Finally, you need to check what the end results of these calls are. Did the call offer a quality sales lead? Did the call help you convert the lead? Did the call add any value to your business? Finding the answer to these questions can help you understand whether your approach is right or not.

#3. Integrate call analytics data with marketing and ad platforms

As said before, the data collected from the call analytics can be quite useful in pivoting your marketing strategy. However, that is not possible until you find a way to integrate the call analytics data with the marketing and ad platforms.

You may find that a particular platform is performing well compared to others. You can take a note about that platform and see if the other platforms can be revived using something of that sort. There are a number of CRM (customer relationship management) tools that can help you turn the raw data into meaningful insights.

#4. Use the call analytics to improve your digital ad targeting:

When you have an understanding of your audience, you can leverage that knowledge to drive more engagement. You can retarget the past callers with relevant advertisements and convince them to call again. You can even target new audiences who resemble your former callers and offer them the incentives to increase the engagements.

You can even utilize the call analytics data to identify which callers are not relevant leads, and then exclude them from seeing the ads. Prioritizing the call data can help you improve your digital ad strategy, ensuring that your ads are targeted to the right audience.

#5. Use call analytics to improve caller experience

Your call analytics can further enhance your operations if you are observant about the analytics data. As you may realize, customer experience is the most crucial factor in driving the ROI for a business. And since voice response is your primary tool in ensuring better customer experience, you may need to make a few adjustments in your approach using the call data.

First of all, you need to find different ways to route the callers. Perhaps, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can help you route each caller appropriately to offer the best experience possible. Your call analytics data can help in doing so. You can route the callers based on their past call history and lead status, their geographic location, the marketing source.

#6. Analyze what happens on calls to get crucial insights

Now you need to analyze points have been discussed during the call. Using a conversation analytics tool, you can track the key insights of a call. Starting from the metrics like – “was the call answered”, or “what was the duration of call” to “what was the response of the caller” – you can find all the insights about the call.

You may also get to know for which product the caller is calling or whether the call converted successfully. With this information, as mentioned earlier, you can strengthen the marketing strategy and improve your conversion rate.

#7. Optimize marketing to drive more customers

In the final stage, you need to utilize the analytics and insights to boost your marketing efforts. You can start by investing in the channels, advertisements or ads that are driving the most number of calls. This may help you engage more callers and boost the ROI using the popular means of marketing.

You should also, optimize your website content as per details received from the call analytics. Since the landing page works as your identity on the web, you need to make it appropriate for the customers. Using compelling CTAs may push them to call. You will simultaneously have to monitor the caller experience and make sure the leads aren’t wasted away.

As you can see, there are effective ways to leverage the phone calls to drive engagements and boost your ROI. In the world of digital marketing, marketers are focusing primarily on the content marketing activities. While content marketing keeps on soaring high, leveraging the conventional marketing tool, i.e. the phone calls can also help you improve your ROI in this cutthroat market.

Obviously, you need to have a proficient team of customer support executives in place, in order to reap the benefits of this strategy revolving around phone calls. So if you are just starting out, it should be ideal for you to focus on content marketing. Also, if your consumer base is small, this approach may not seem effective for your business.

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