What Makes Ionic an Ideal Platform for Cross-platform Mobile App Development?

As and when the inclination towards hybrid mobile app development grew, Ionic HTML5 framework became a favorite amongst developers. Ionic framework is a front-end UI framework which helps you to enhance the look and feel of different user interface elements. Using it, you can make the app more engaging and include an array of native app components including interactive design, slick animations and more.

The best part about Ionic is that it is different from other responsive HTML5 frameworks. It gives developers with an access to layouts and UI elements with native styling. And as Ionic development is an HTML5 framework, it needs native wrappers including Cordova and Phonegap for them to run in smartphones.

If you want to gain benefits out of mobile apps, Ionic is the “to-go” framework for both; the developers and the app owners.

Why Choose Ionic?

Bill Gates’ quote about Ionic says – “Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.” Ionic is an open source and easy to use front-end software development kit. As the developers have written ionic apps in HTML, Javascript and CSS; it creates a lot of demand for Cordova; which is a native code wrapper. Ionic can make the most out of the features of AngularJs and Sass and through cordova it can access native plugins for creating intuitive and robust apps.

Ionic comes with a lot of tools using which the developers can make cross platform apps and save their time and resources. Also, as Ionic has unique features, it brings a lot of enhancements within the app solutions.

Ionic’s Advanced Ecosystem

Apart from the elements from its own repository, Ionic is integrable with several plugins, add ons and modules for AngularJs and Cordova. Angular’s huge plugin repository enables Ionic apps to easily merge with web services like Twitter and Facebook. This integration happens with the help of UI elements like dialog boxes, progress bars, sliders etc.

With Ionic Framework and AngularJs, you will be able to create a healthy code structure and ecosystem.

Brings Value to App Development

The best part about hybrid app development is that you don’t have to spend as much as you would in developing native apps. So, whether you are making a consumer or enterprise app, you can develop it in Objective C or Swift for iOS or Java for Android. Ionic makes it possible for you to release one app for both Android and iOS through same codebase. Ionic enables you to create hybrid mobile which you can tailor to multiple platforms.

As Ionic provides strong native plugins with consistent application programming interfaces that work across all the platforms, it adds a lot of worth to the mobile app development process and curbs your finances.

Offers Cross Platform Compatibility

Quite discrete from the other app development frameworks, Ionic makes use of a single code base. It helps you to build responsive and intuitive apps for several portable devices. When you build apps based on Ionic, they work on Android, IOS & Windows device.

No matter what features they have. Ionic’s latest version entails some robust Native APIs that helps users to access native features like Bluetooth, Camera, Touch ID, Health Kit etc.

Comes with a Clean User Interface

Ionic provides with a good collection of UI layouts and elements as well as default styles that you can customize by using the pre-defined CSS classes. Inputs, Popups, Sliding Menu and Navigation are some of the elements which are user-friendly and customized based on your preferences.

Winding Up…

Ionic has always been an ever-evolving framework due to its library of plugins, knowledgeable community, and development tools. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the upcoming generation of apps will make use of voice recognition interface contrasting to the dominant screen interface of today. The coming years is sure to see dominance of Ionic amongst the mobile development frameworks.

If you are looking forward to have an app for your business, Ionic is the way to go. Make sure you choose an experienced firm to help you with your app development. We hope that you win with your app idea!

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