How to Rank a Site Higher by Starting Well on the On-page Seo?

The starting must be good to pick up the pace, stay ahead, and give a good competition to rivals, and get success. And with that vision, the starting to SEO of a website also must be very carefully planned. The website needs a lot of care from the makers. And then only the elements on the site, which speaks on behalf of the website to the search engine crawlers, can make a difference. It’s in the game and planning of On-page SEO. If this is done correctly, planned right, executed right, then the site will get the initial boost right at the beginning of its existence and promotional efforts.

Importance of On-page SEO

A website appears on the Search engine results page for the first time, when the search engine identifies the website contents to be relevant and apt for the search term or keyword. For every keyword, the ideal matching website that contains the aptest contents is returned on a search. Based on the relevance and importance, facts and helpfulness, information and quality and presentation altogether, the sites on search results get ranked or positioned. In this way, the first page and then every page of the search engine results get populated.

On page, SEO is a set of steps and patterns to be followed which are strategically and scientifically built, by the SEO experts, based on the way search engine spiders perform searches. All that depends on the algorithm of the search engine and the way things change and improve with time. Hence the steps to be taken for making the site more visible in the eyes of the search engine spiders make for ideal on-page SEO. And that is why doing high-quality on-page SEO is a must to make the website visible against targeted keywords.

How to plan On-page SEO for the website

To plan on-page SEO for the website, the first requirement is the understanding of how the contents on a site must be made, arranged, and linked to one another. Next requirement is the understanding of how much keywords, how many, in what concentration should be used through the content. Thirdly, it’s important to understand that every element of the site must be positioned and coded for the best visibility, and you get meta tags, descriptions, and such options to ethically tag and identify the elements against target keywords. Finally, it’s much crucial that as the search engine algorithms get updated now and then, you also must keep track of the updates, and make relevant changes in your On-page SEO plans. And that is why partnering with a good SEO firm like the SEO Memphis Align Digital Marketing is much essential.

Domain name

The domain name of a website is much important. Often it happens that while choosing a domain name the website owner makes mall compromises. Sometimes the most apt name is not available or too high priced. And then you go for a name that is lengthy, low priced, or may have an extension which is not a right match too. But amongst all these things the length and spelling of the domain name are most sensitive. People do not remember all about the domain, the length, the extension and all.

People don’t bother if the domain name is relevant or not. A job site’s domain name can be monster which has no relation with jobs. And a shopping site’s domain name can be Amazon which means forest and river in Brazil. But what hits the mind is the word used. If it’s short and easy to remember people would remember well. Hence try to pick a nice, easy to remember, a short domain name with as little as possible dots and hyphens.

Website loading time

The website loading time matters highly. Users won’t waste a fraction of a second too once the site takes too much time to load. Every user has a different patience level. But in average users prefer sites which load within 3 to 5 seconds. And hence, you must change the site elements, media file sizes, and their qualities, and experiment again and again to see in which way you can minimize the site loading time with a full view of all elements.

Website design

The overall website design and look at a glance also impacts users. Some users may not stay on the landing page for a second on viewing the site and may reject a useful, informative site only for unappealing looks. Hence taking feedback from users of various ages, backgrounds and demographic is good to get to a place where you feel satisfied with the website looks.

Navigation within the website

Navigation within the website is much important, and a crucial factor for which many websites are less visited. Navigation is especially more important for e-commerce sites, where the users would love to reach their chosen product page in just 3 to 4 clicks or even less. And if you can provide that comfort, then your site would rock. Also, the internal pages of the site must be very well linked to one another for best on-page SEO.

Keyword usage in contents

The amount of the same keyword to be used in content, the proportion of use as per the content length, the various keyword types used along with content, all matters crucially in making a difference. This again depends on how search engines like to see keywords spread across the continent, and the policies about this keep on changing with major search engine algorithm updates.

Optimization of media files

Media files often are used on websites, especially on video, photo gallery, and e-commerce sites. Care must be taken to optimize every image, audio, and video file, or slideshow file, so that the media also speaks to the search engines on its behalf.


When all these on-page SEO steps are correctly done, the site starts its journey in digital marketing already from an improved position, and this is what helps it get successful quickly and achieve a good rank faster.

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