Top 7 Mobile Web App Frameworks For Developers

Looking forward to an application that operates on multiple mobile platforms? For many entrepreneurs creating a high-end mobile application is a daunting task that requires efforts and time.

But, today it has become important to have a mobile app that operates on all popular mobile operating systems. With the advancement seen in mobile technology, the demand for creating intuitive mobile apps has also risen.

This is the reason web developers have started creating mobile apps that accommodate the needs of different mobile device users. This post lists down some of the top mobile web app frameworks that help businesses to develop their own app that operates on multiple mobile app platforms.

Other than being highly effective, these frameworks make the entire process of web app development easier.

Let us explore some of them in detail:

Onsen UI

Onsen UI 760x394 Top 7 Mobile Web App Frameworks For Developers

An open source framework, Onsen UI helps developers to craft mobile apps that feature all the native-looking components.

The framework is quite simple to use and works both with or without Angular JS. It also features great documentation.

HTML5 based hybrid mobile apps designed on PhoneGap can easily be created using this framework. Other than being simple to learn, the framework is fine-tuned to function on myriad devices.


Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch 760x375 Top 7 Mobile Web App Frameworks For Developers

Sencha is a cross-platform mobile web app framework aimed at crafting an end to end mobile applications. The use of HTML5 and JavaScript is enabled.

This framework also allows increased compatibility with the advanced versions of Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and so on.

Blended with HTML5 device’s API, this framework helps in the creation of mobile apps that are compatible with multiple platforms.


Kendo UI

Kendo UI 760x356 Top 7 Mobile Web App Frameworks For Developers

It is a great framework for the creation of any kind of web app that makes use of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. It comes with 70 jQuery widgets that are completely ready to use.

One of the best parts about Kendo UI is that it also features ready to use themes.

A theme builder is also available that also allows you to create customized themes for giving your app an exceptional appeal.


Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI 760x393 Top 7 Mobile Web App Frameworks For Developers

This web app framework is useful for creating HTML5 mobile apps with Bootstrap and Angular JS.

This framework offers mobile components that are not found in Bootstrap like overlays, switches, sidebars, etc.


jQuery Mobile

JQuery Mobile 760x305 Top 7 Mobile Web App Frameworks For Developers

It is one of the best web app frameworks. The framework is lightweight and helps in creating web apps that are easy to access on multiple browsers.

The framework is quite easy to learn and comes with Cordova support.


Framework 7

Framework 7 760x381 Top 7 Mobile Web App Frameworks For Developers

Framework 7 is an open source HTML framework for the creation of mobile and hybrid apps that come with native look and feel.

Out of the other frameworks, it does not has external dependencies. Apart from these features, the framework looks great and is easy to customize.



Nativescript 760x313 Top 7 Mobile Web App Frameworks For Developers

NativeScript is a visually appealing, platform-native framework and is completely accessible. It has all the required functionality to make your app function as good as the native app. The use of XML, JavaScript, and subset of CSS is used to create Android and iOS apps.

Wrapping it Up!

It is extremely important to select the right web app framework to acquire customers and increase conversions on the website.

Making the right choice will definitely help you in delivering web apps that are error-free and encourage maximum conversions. Make sure to include both the positive and negative aspects in mind before choosing the right framework that matches your business needs.

It is very important to take a wise decision and then choose the right framework. If you do not take the right decision, you may end up in losses. So, choose wisely to succeed in the long run.

Author-bio: Nola Arney is an expert mobile app developer at HTMLPanda: PSD To HTML Company who holds years of experience and has a special interest in writing on different types of mobile app technologies. Not just these, the writer enjoys writing for technology, IT and numerous other subjects too. She believes that penning down her thoughts on paper is more interesting.


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