10 Benefits of Marketing Via Social Media Platforms

Take it or leave it, social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. It offers one of the easiest avenues via which businesses can reach their customers.

Social media has essentially redefined the way businesses relate to customers and with the public at large. Social media marketing can be used to increase a business recognition, sales, and customer base at very little cost.

Majority of marketers and businesses have become aware of the tremendous potential of this marketing avenue and they have subsequently keyed into it.

Currently, social media marketing has become an integral part of any marketing strategy and any major business that is not utilizing this avenue of marketing is definitely missing out on an enormous opportunity.

For any web development company or e-commerce development company that is still on the fence regarding whether to opt for social media marketing or not, below are some of the benefits of marketing your business product and service via social media;

1. Brand awareness:

One of the major benefits of social media marketing for web development company or e-commerce development company is brand awareness.

Social media is rich with millions of potential customers from different background and of different social status. Marketing via these platforms gives your business the opportunity it needs to reach a tremendous number of people.

2. Improves interaction:

Social media was initially built as an avenue for socialization and interaction. When this concept is brought into web development company or e-commerce development company, this would translate into better business-customer interaction or relative.

Social media marketing provides an avenue for businesses to interact with their customers and clients in real time. It provides an avenue for potential customers to ask questions and make inquiries. And for existing customers and clients, it offers a medium through which they can make complaints or suggest changes.

Trust comes from constant interaction. The more web development company or e-commerce development company interact with their customer, the greater the trust between them. Trust is highly integral sales.

3. Increase brand loyalty:

If your product is placed side by side with products from another web development company or e-commerce development company will your customers still stick to what you are offering, or would they quickly change sides?

Brand loyalty describes a scenario where your customers will be willing to stick with you regardless of what the competitor is offering.

Such loyalty doesn’t happen in one day, it takes constant interaction and trust to develop. Social media creates an avenue for the development of such trust and interaction.

4. It helps to build equity:

One of the ways of creating trust with your customers is by building brand equity. You need to provide your brand value to them for free.

This is a trick adopted by top web development companies. This could be by blogging, sharing free guides, entertaining or informing your potential audience.

This is termed content marketing. By giving what you have for them for free, you can catch the attention of prospects.

Social media marketing allows for easy building of equity as it is fairly easy to share content over these platforms and thereby building trust.

5. It helps to humanize a brand:

Currently, what a customer buys are almost as equally important as where he/she bought it from. Social media marketing allows top web development companies to humanize their brand, taking away the perception of a faceless establishment that is only ready to take people’s money away.

Social media marketing helps to humanize a brand, creating a persona that customers can relate to.

The first step towards this process is creating a brand voice, which must be consistent across all platforms, and must be a reflection of the picture you wish to paint your business.

6. Improves the chances of a conversion:

Every content you share on your social media platform is an opportunity for conversion. Of course, not all content will create an interaction, and not all positive interaction will lead to a conversion, but it increases the chances.

Social media marketing allows top web development companies to build a brand following, which typically consists of existing customers and potential customers. Every content shared offers a chance for reaction, and a reaction could lead to a site visit which could lead to a sale.

7. Stay top of mind of customers:

The internet is very noisy with the average customer been bombarded with a plethora of ads and marketing messages.

With this constant bombardment, it is fairly easy for customers to get distracted and forget your brand. Social media marketing is on 24/7, thereby creating an avenue for web development company or e-commerce development company to stay top of the minds of their customers, even when they are not ready to buy at that moment.

8. Improves brand authority:

Social media marketing helps to improve brand authority. The more a business relates to its customers the more visible it becomes to other potential customers.

Typically, when people wish to know more about a brand or business, they turn to social media. The more the business is available on social media, the more likely other customers will follow the brand.

9. Improves inbound traffic:

When you take out the traffic that comes via social media, what you are left with is traffic from people familiar with your brand or those who search for keywords that you rank high for.

Every social media channel you include to your brand is an additional opportunity for customers to reach you, and any additional content improves traffic to your site which would improve conversion rate.

10. Better SEO:

SEO is the best way for websites to rank higher in search results. The only challenge, however, is that the rule keeps changing, so it is sometimes difficult for top web development companies to know exactly what you to do.

Social media presence is one of the infallible ways by which search engines ascertain the credibility and legitimacy of a website.

Author Bio: Kenneth Evans is a Content Marketing Strategist for Top App Development Companies, a research platform for top app development companies in the world. He has been contributing to various blogging platforms and Forums.

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