Smart Ways to Use YouTube Vlogs for Business

Using vlogs to promote a business? YouTube is a popular site but before you even test the water there, it would be wise to educate yourself first with the guiding principles of YouTube vlogs being used to promote business.

1. Vlog helps your business.

Vlogs mean video blogs. They use videos as a medium of expression. They don’t have consistency in topics and lengths, but they are usually light or leisurely to watch.

It’s not really a rocket science why vlogs are more engaging than the usual blogs. It is the same and as easy as answering a question – which is easier, interpreting texts or watching videos? Let’s be honest. We love easy things like watching videos. Having said that, people, as supported by statistics, find it easy to fall in love with vlogs.

Aside from vlogs being very captivating, they are also very memorable. You use your sense of sight and sense of hearing when watching videos. As a rule of thumb – the more senses you use, the better your memory works. Hence, watching vlogs will more likely result in remembering all things mentioned in the video.

Vlogging is cheap. Usually, having a decent camera (David from Cameraseals can help you with that), a person with pleasing personality talking through it and an interesting topic to talk about are things you need to have a vlog.

Make use of all these advantages in business. You won’t regret it because vlogging does not require a lot of investments, so you have minimal risks but big promise.

2. Make the contents of your vlog provide substantial information.

A vlog obviously exists in the digital realm and how it appears to its viewers is the responsibility of the vlogger. It is your job to accentuate the information you want to get across your viewers. To put it simply, if you are selling a product, then feature videos where your product is efficiently used. Likewise, if you are offering a service, show how your service helps your customers.

Be innovative on ideas regarding how to make your products or services be delivered with something extra, at no additional payment from your buyers. One example is when you offer suggestions on DIY (do it yourself) crafts while using your advertised product.

Informative videos which are not boring but fun to watch can successfully deliver the answer to the customers’ question of – what’s in it for us? Being informative also creates the feeling to your viewers that you are trustworthy. Chances are, more customers will be loyal to you because everything that you say is factual or experience based.

3. Feature customer testimonial.

Featuring regular people making comment to your product or services heightens empathy from your viewers, influencing them to be more involved to affirm the truth about your product or services.

There is always a room for improvements. Your satisfied clients may give you useful insights to further develop your products or services. In the end, more YouTube viewers will feel assured that they are being served by a great company, especially if these useful insights are properly applied.

When making a vlog about a testimonial, be careful too.  It must not look overly salesy, meaning too aggressive but very superficial, as this may affect the sincerity of your vlog.

4. Show your product and service in action.

There are many ways to show that your product or service is in action and by action, we mean that it is very engaging like it is beckoning for you to buy or avail of it.

The product and service must tell a story. This means they must be shown in use and with beneficial results. In other words, your videos need to be branded with vigor.

Unless you are pulling some emotional strings, make your videos as short as possible. If you feel that it is becoming a drag and you can no longer sustain the interest of many, then just keep it short, enough to cover the basics. In this way, you won’t be killing the building action and let your viewers fall into sleep.

5. No secrets.

Give a behind the scene look. Your current and potential buyers will always be curious about how your company really works. Showing to them your company’s internal operations will help in gradually reducing their trust issues with your products or services.

If you are a good vlogger, you should also feature in your videos the plight of the people working to deliver quality products and services. This can help your customers be more appreciative of the things offered to them.

To take the transparency thing to a higher level, you could also make interviews in your vlogs. You can ask your CEO on the current position of your company, or you can introduce the other staffs or you can also feature a regular day in your company.

6. BlendTec “Will It Blend?”

Just like the above catchphrase, many companies nowadays make a lot of plays in presenting vlogs on YouTube for their product. The uniqueness of the successful attempts even raised the eyebrows of some, but all the same, sales became phenomenal.

The above question doesn’t only look silly but was really answered humorously through BlendTec’s vlog. The videos show about Total blender trying to chew inappropriate items like markers, iPhone, and even Pokemon.

Viewers wondered if it is even possible to do, and they were all awarded in the end with a happy fulfilling feeling when the tool easily tackled such task.

The Final Say

“YouTube is becoming one of the most powerful forms of communication, and more engaging than other types of less dynamic ads.” – Forbes

Build authority and trust with your audience – the foundation of a successful vlog. Through this, a business will continually grow.

Author Bio: Hi, I’m George. I have been a camera enthusiast from 2008. Cameraseals is my personal blog where I share most of my interests and experiences from using cameras. You will find helpful topics even if you’re a beginner or long-time user.

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