What is the Better Way to Pitch Your Customer & Turn Them into Lead?

There are a lot of people on the internet who want to buy your product. But the lack of awareness, methods of purchase, no or bad marketing, and most importantly trust of viewers is the biggest hurdle between potential customers and leads.

Shortage of website’s traffic is another common challenge an unsettled online business face. Although there is always potential to generate revenue with healthy conversions and leads, there must be some traffic on your platform to start your online sales.

We have come across many e-commerce website owners that face this problem. Some marketers are initially successful in gaining significant traffic, which is enough to start a good revenue generating business.

However, they always fail to capitalize on their good start and many complain of losing a significant amount of traffic from their platforms.

This crisis forces them to look for some other means so they can save their business. They apply numerous ways to divert traffic to their site, which make them ignore the basic rules of search engines that is latent semantic indexing.

And we all know when we ignore that rule, search engines can significantly reduce your organic ranking. Thus sending your business again in the downward spiral.

For this reason, we have devised this article to provide marketers and online business owners a whole new playing field, which is straight to the post yet highly effective as they will have a unique chance to communicate and their potential customers to turn them to leads.

Although you need to be patient with some of them, they are quite rewarding for your patience. You will also be surprised to see how effective and result oriented they can be.

So read this article and fix your work by pitching your potential customers and subsequently turning them into leads.

Starting an online forum

An active online forum on any question and answers website, or any other open source blog is an effective way to communicate with your potential customers and turning them into leads. It is important to stay relevant and never become so desperate to sell your website.

When communicating, it is imperative to show patience and drive that user to your product. But when you are successful to convert that user into the lead, you will decrease your site’s bounce rate, increase their time on your website, and build a community.

You can also make use of long-tail keywords to improve your organic ranking on search engines.

An online forum on your website

Like the previous point, you can create an online forum for the viewers and traffic. There you can engage your website’s traffic and build an online community on your own platform. It will enhance your domain authority with relevance, which will enhance your organic ranking as well.

For example, you can start an online forum about your niche, which can be anything. In this case, we take an example of an online travel agency.

You can use keywords such as travel agency London to enhance your relevance and ranking. It will also provide people a chance to discuss and draw a flight compare.

Initiating a group on social media site such as Facebook

One of the best way to communicate with your target audience and drive them to your website with persuasive content and posting.

You can start a group on Facebook, as there are all kinds of traffic. It will also offer people a platform where they can ask questions and find support.

You can always capitalize on such traffic by pointing them towards the relevant site content.

Blog post promotion via your email list

Although we don’t recommend this method to make it your primary focus of email marketing, it doesn’t hurt to include a link or two of your blog post. This tactic can easily enhance your traffic, leads, and sales.

Answer queries on multiple platforms

Answering any query on any question and answers online platform, or any other website where you have posted your content, is healthy for your PR.

It can give you high-quality inbound links and transfer traffic to your website. Although it may seem quite a stressful thing to do with little benefit, sometimes a satisfied and answered query is the best way to convert a potential customer into a lead.

And trust us, it just takes a few minutes.

Develop catchy headlines

Remember what we all learned in school when we were young? Don’t judge a book by its cover. But for your blogs and posts, we suggest you judge a book by its cover.

Online users tend to do this all the time and they are attracted to catchy headlines, so it is imperative to develop one and use it in the Meta titles and on the top of your blogs and posts.

Connect with the blogging community

This is one wonderful way to increase traffic and generate sales. You can easily network with other bloggers and work on collaborations to promote each other’s work.

You can also become a contributor or columnist to a renowned website. From there you can easily divert traffic to your website, by using outbound links on anchor words.

Posting repeatedly

Posting high-quality posts of content and image-rich articles on daily basis can increase your traffic by more than 18%. When you post a blog or an article, it will also provide you a reason to interact more with your customer base on social media platforms, emails, and other online forums.

You need to find your mystic number and try to post relevant original content.

Respond more often and quickly

You should always try to enhance your response time on blogs, Facebook messages, comments, and any other source of interaction between you and customers. Your response should be thoughtful and dedicated to solving an issue.

This is the most crucial point as your response can either gain you a customer or you can lose it. When there is a single issue with multiple customers or users, you can even generate a response post with a relevant discussion of that matter.

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