5 Ways to Utilize Facebook Live Video to Grow Your Social Media Presence

Every marketer has the same goal in mind and that is to maximize brand awareness using the minimum amount of investments. But only the most proficient marketing professionals are able to reach the objective because they follow and create trends in this field.

The Facebook live video has recently become one of the groundbreaking marketing tactics. A research proved that almost 80% of users are already watching Facebook live videos. At the same time, most of them prefer watching brand-related live videos than reading social posts.

In such circumstances, you need to understand how to exploit this trend to improve your marketing campaigns. This post will show you 5 ways to utilize Facebook live video to grow your social media presence.

Build Engagement

You can create a masterpiece video, but it won’t make a difference if it cannot convince viewers to engage. Timothy Urias, a digital marketing specialist at SuperiorPapers, recently noted: “Engagement is crucial because it proves that people care for your content so much that they are ready to take concrete action such as to like, share, or write comments”.

The biggest mistake is to believe that you need an incredibly clever idea to catch users’ attention. On the contrary, members of the small organization such as ASPCA managed to inspire people to engage streaming nothing more than their walk with puppies through the streets of New York City.

They were wearing orange shirts, while dogs were dressed in orange handkerchiefs, so the group was hard to miss. A lot of people who walked by this funny team took photos and shared it online, but the real boom happened on Facebook – ASPCA video collected 33 thousand views, almost 3 thousand likes, and more than 200 shares.

Increase Brand Awareness

Live videos are excellent attention grabbers because they feel more natural and authentic. Users love to watch real people taking real-time action, which is why companies of all sizes invest so much money into video production.

And it’s not only about companies – individuals use the same kind of content to promote their personal brands, while event planners and TV shows do it to boost interest in their programs. For instance, an actor Stephen Amell promoted the “Arrow” series in live video, revealing the true character of the lead role.

Stephen presented his viewpoint related to “Arrow” and even seized the opportunity to mention his own campaign called “F**k Cancer”. During his live appearance on Facebook, Amell earned more than 290 thousand views, 31 thousand likes, and over 5 thousand comments. Not so bad for a simple 14-minute video, right?


Organize Q/A Sessions

Q/A videos, discussions, and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions are a perfect tactic to increase engagement. It’s not difficult to figure out why – one or more social influencers take part in the event and users can’t wait to ask them to explain or describe certain aspects of their businesses or private lives.

Such sessions can be funny, informative, or reveal the human side of your business. In each case, it’s the opportunity for the followers to ask everything they ever wanted but didn’t have a chance to. Besides that, Q/A videos increase watching time as people wait to see if their question is to be answered.

The UK Grazia successfully organized a debate with several opinion leaders, while users had the opportunity to post questions in comments. The final result was extraordinary because they earned more than 75 thousand views.


Covering Events

Covering events with live Facebook videos is not only good for engagement, but it also inspires people to take real-life action, apply for events, and buy tickets. Videos demonstrate the attractiveness of the program, which leads to the higher conversion rate.

Starbucks went live from Rufus King Park in Queens, NYC, to support the National Voter Registration Day. Company representatives talked about the importance of voting and invited Facebook followers to share their opinions about this event. At the same time, Starbucks proved that they care for the local community, strengthening relations with the consumers.

Given the fact that the event was aimed primarily at Queens locals, the live video made an incredible result. It inspired hundreds of people to leave comments, but there were also more than 3 thousand likes, 300 shares, and 173 thousand views.


Live Product Demonstrations

Although the world is getting more tech-addicted day after day, most people still prefer physical stores when buying clothes and similar stuff. Besides that, users want to test products on-site or learn more about the items they want to buy. But there is the way to overcome this issue – you can go live to give customers the much-needed explanation.

You can demonstrate products and shoot tutorials, while the audience engages by posting comments or questions about product specifications. Benefit Cosmetics makes a lot of live videos on Facebook to explain how things work. This is awesome because users can try to do the same thing in the real-time environment.

In this video, girls at Benefit Cosmetics presented a few simple makeup tricks and inspired quite a social buzz with almost 60 thousand views and more than 300 comments. You can see once again there’s no need for a sensational idea – just turn on the camera and do your thing.



You can hardly find a cheaper and more effective way to boost brand awareness on social media than using Facebook live video. This type of content is easy to create but it generates a lot of user engagement, which is great both for new and well-known brands.

What do you think about these models and examples we presented? Which one would fit your brand the most? Don’t hesitate to use our suggestions and leave us a comment if you need additional explanations about this topic!

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