5 Attributes of a Good Copywriter

Copywriters. You need them. The fate of your digital marketing strategy and your entire business in the online world might very well rest on their shoulders, so it’s not exactly something you want to take lightly. In fact, taking the time and putting the effort into finding the copywriter you can truly connect with should be your no.1 priority – because this is the person who will create a unique tone of voice for your brand, and establish its personality in the competitive market.

That said, when researching prospective team members and asking around for the next copywriting rockstar, there are certain personality traits and professional skillsets you want to look for. Here’s how to choose the copywriter that will propel your brand towards long-term success.

Ability to relate to your cause

Some people write with what could only be pompously described as the fiery passion of a thousand suns, and others write to make a quick buck for a wild Friday night out on the town. Distinguishing between the two should be easy enough once you receive the completed test assignments; however, discerning between the subtle nuances that make an excellent copywriter and the right copywriter for you can be a complex task.

What you want to look for is not so much the inherent ability to understand your brand (well, that too, of course), but rather the ability to truly connect and relate to your cause, your vision, and your values. The writer needs to be able to live out your stories, and preferably, be passionate about your cause. And passion is contagious.

Ability to touch people with their words

Humans are emotional creatures, and as such, they make the majority of decisions based on their emotional state, and not so much based on rational thinking or logic. This is good, this opens up a million different ways to approach your audience, speak to them on a deep and personal level, and shape their core beliefs, guiding them on the path to becoming your loyal customers.

If your copywriter displays the ability to touch audiences on an emotional level, regardless if you’re selling metal tubing or unicorns, you’ve got yourself a winner. Watch closely for the underlying emotional tones in their writing, and how they weave themselves into every sentence, creating a story that resonates in the hearts and minds of your target demographic. This is what you’re looking for.

Speaking the language of your brand

Besides the importance of expressing the aforementioned traits, it is also imperative to find a person who is able to truly adopt your tone of voice, adjust their writing so that it portrays your brand in the best possible light, and keep their personal preferences out of the mix. Take the Australian market for instance.

This is a place where plenty of consideration and effort is put towards tailoring the brand identity by using a unique tone of voice and distinct visuals. This creative copywriting agency from Sydney will, for instance, not only give their contribution in the shaping your brand identity, but it will also display the ability to learn and fluently speak the language of your brand. So, when hiring copywriters, make sure that they are able to adapt, and put your needs first.

They actually put your needs first

This one deserves a separate mention, as oftentimes you will come across a brilliantly creative individual who simply cannot resist the urge to push their own beliefs upon your marketing strategy and deny your essential right to influence their writing. Say it slowly: “I need a writer who is able to leave their ego at the login page”.

Your ideal copywriter will embody all of the aforementioned traits, but at no point should they try to force their preferred writing style into your content if it’s painfully obvious that the approach is not working, or that it doesn’t correspond with your brand. So choose your candidates carefully.

They are communicative and curious

Finally, your ideal copywriter should display continuous curiosity (but not in the “what does this button do” kind of way) that will help them learn more about your brand and connect with your values on a deeper level. Likewise, it should go without saying that your copywriter should communicate their thoughts, doubts, and ideas without hesitation, in order to be an active and truly valuable part of your employee collective.

In a digital world where businesses are in constant battle over the online throne, the copywriter(s) will be your strongest asset. While finding a diamond in the ruff is never an easy task, you can use these five considerations to make the entire process as efficient and successful as possible.

Emma is a digital marketer and blogger from Sydney. After getting a marketing degree she started working with Australian startups on business and marketing development. Emma writes for many relevant, industry related online publications and does a job of an Executive Editor at Bizzmark blog and a guest lecturer at Melbourne University. Interested in marketing, startups and latest business trends.

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