Why You Should Have a Mobile Website? #Infographic

One thing many companies were slow to realize was the necessity of establishing a mobile website. Most of them were even slow to figure out that they needed a regular website like the one’s Website Builder creates. It used to be a thing to call companies and sell them on the idea of having an actual website that would help them manage their online brand. Some executives would even respond saying they weren’t sure if this whole Internet thing was going to be around much longer and they didn’t want to waste their money. This seems laughable looking back at those times, but this trend repeated itself all over again with mobile websites.

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5 Best Ways Startups Can Reduce Promotion Costs

5 Best Ways Startups Can Reduce Promotion Costs

It takes a lot of effort and determination to launch your own startup and survive through the hardships of the initial stages of entrepreneurship. You need to cover your basic expenses in order to keep your business rolling, but on the other hand, you also need resources to promote and brand your product. Basically, you’re expected to spend 20-25% of your total budget on marketing during your first year, and this might be just enough for those who took a good bite of some kind of venture capital or were lucky enough to find an angel investor. But for bootstrappers with a very limited budget, this can leave their business with a fairly modest amount of money to spend on promotion. Here are some tips on how to make your marketing both efficient and affordable at the same time.

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WordPress eCommerce Themes You Cannot Afford to Ignore


The Internet has affected life in a huge manner. It influences every aspect of our life may it be education, entertainment, health or business. It provides a solid platform for business owners to expand their business. It provides a lot of easy and effective ways to promote or advertise their business and reach a large audience. The recent eCommerce industry is a live example in this context.

Online selling is getting more and popular with every passing day. Many business owners are opting for online stores. WordPress provides one of the best platforms to own an online store. It is an Open source content management system used by millions of people across the world. It is extremely easy to manage a WordPress site. It provides you with a number of customization options.

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Writing Effective Social Media Content Using These 5 Methods

Writing Effective Social Media Content Using These 5 Methods

As a writer, have you ever wondered how you can better your efforts of writing better articles for social media purposes? This is the right track for you to be taking because, in these changing times, there is an increased number of writers that are willing to exploit the power that lies in social media. In fact, it is no surprise that 60% of marketers around the globe write at least one article every day. This has led to a tremendous amount of competition facing writers that are on their way to breaking into writing articles for social media.

These facts should then prompt article writers to seek for the best ways for their pieces to stand out and not be written off as insignificant in the eyes of readers. Below are some of the best methods that you should incorporate to help your articles to thrive and be effective in social media:

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