5 Attributes of a Good Copywriter

5 Attributes of a Good Copywriter

Copywriters. You need them. The fate of your digital marketing strategy and your entire business in the online world might very well rest on their shoulders, so it’s not exactly something you want to take lightly. In fact, taking the time and putting the effort into finding the copywriter you can truly connect with should be your no.1 priority – because this is the person who will create a unique tone of voice for your brand, and establish its personality in the competitive market.

That said, when researching prospective team members and asking around for the next copywriting rockstar, there are certain personality traits and professional skillsets you want to look for. Here’s how to choose the copywriter that will propel your brand towards long-term success.

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Customer Experience ROI: How to Measure it Effectively

Customer Experience

According to McKinsey, maximizing customer satisfaction may increase revenue by up to 15%. Moreover, doing so while reducing the cost of customer support may lead to an increase of up to 20%. Having in mind these stunning facts, there’s no room for wondering why extraordinary customer experience is becoming one of the biggest passions for numerous businesses.

To understand how CX affects your business performance, you should figure out how strong is the interconnection between:

  • their satisfaction with your brand and
  • the amount of money they spend on your brand.

The quantitative expression of this connection can be a painstaking process if you don’t know what metrics you should rely on. That’s why in this article we’re leading you through the process of CX ROI determination. Stay with us and find out more about:

  • Key metrics to effectively measure CX ROI
  • Efficient customer data consolidation and correlation
  • Simple ways to improve ROI by using adequate support tools

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Top 7 Mobile Web App Frameworks For Developers

Onsen UI

Looking forward to an application that operates on multiple mobile platforms? For many entrepreneurs creating a high-end mobile application is a daunting task that requires efforts and time.

But, today it has become important to have a mobile app that operates on all popular mobile operating systems. With the advancement seen in mobile technology, the demand for creating intuitive mobile apps has also risen.

This is the reason web developers have started creating mobile apps that accommodate the needs of different mobile device users. This post lists down some of the top mobile web app frameworks that help businesses to develop their own app that operates on multiple mobile app platforms.

Other than being highly effective, these frameworks make the entire process of web app development easier.

Let us explore some of them in detail:

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Top WordPress theme Development Trends to opt in 2018

WordPress theme development

There is no denying fact that WordPress is considered as the king of web development industry as it owns 27% of the websites present on the web. WordPress is a highly user-friendly CMS that makes it simpler for novice website administrators to make minute updates to their sites like blog posts and text changes. WordPress provides a huge library of plugins to its users making it totally customizable to any web development needs. All WordPress websites are designed in a way that they are fully responsive and SEO-friendly.

If you are planning to start a business or create a new site with WordPress in 2018, then here are some trends that you should look forward. 2018 is going to become a very special year for WordPress.

The CMS is going to turn 15 this year and it is going to come up with the biggest updates to the software since 2014 i.e. WordPress 5.0. Following this update, what kind of update you will be witnessing this year. Let’s have a glimpse.

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3 Revolutionary Technologies That Are Shaping the Future

3 Revolutionary Technologies That Are Shaping the Future

Self-driving trucks will be rolling your way in the near future. An autonomous truck completed a 2,400-mile test run from Los Angeles, California to Jacksonville, Florida without a human driver this month, marking a milestone in the progress of self-driven transportation. The company that ran the truck, Embark, already has five vehicles and plans to acquire another 40 for further testing this year. By 2028, between 500,000 and 1,500,000 self-driving trucks will be on the road, Uber projects.

Technologies such as these have the potential to transform society in more radical ways than might be immediately obvious. For instance, if you think Amazon overnight shipments are fast now, imagine what the logistics industry will look like when packing, shipping and unloading are all handled by robots and self-driven vehicles. Here’s a look at three other cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of society in fundamental ways.

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