Top WordPress theme Development Trends to opt in 2018

There is no denying fact that WordPress is considered as the king of web development industry as it owns 27% of the websites present on the web. WordPress is a highly user-friendly CMS that makes it simpler for novice website administrators to make minute updates to their sites like blog posts and text changes. WordPress provides a huge library of plugins to its users making it totally customizable to any web development needs. All WordPress websites are designed in a way that they are fully responsive and SEO-friendly.

If you are planning to start a business or create a new site with WordPress in 2018, then here are some trends that you should look forward. 2018 is going to become a very special year for WordPress.

The CMS is going to turn 15 this year and it is going to come up with the biggest updates to the software since 2014 i.e. WordPress 5.0. Following this update, what kind of update you will be witnessing this year. Let’s have a glimpse.

1. WordPress 5.0

The WordPress development team at Automatic and Matt Mullenweg have been striving hard in developing the CMS software for 15 years now.

They have been working on enhancing WordPress 4.0 for over 3 years. And WordPress 5.0 will be the biggest release of the software since WordPress 4 that was released in 2014. As per the official WordPress development cycle page, WordPress 5.0 is going to release in 2018.

With this new update, you can expect some major changes including a brand-new editor. This latest update will help describe the future of WordPress and the latest features that it will bring to CMS-based website designs.


2. Enhanced UX With Micro interactions:

Microinteractions is the latest trend that’s been whirling around in the world of web design. You might have already witnessed it on popular apps and websites. This trend will quickly make its way to more WordPress themes as well.

Microinteractions is all about making the addition of short interactions to elements of a site to enhance the user experience. The animated check marks that you observe after submitting a form on a site or icons that animate when you flicker over them are part of a micro-interaction design.

These interactive elements not only boost users to interact more with a site by making things more exciting but also helps keep users engaged with the website by offering valuable feedback for their actions.


3. Photo-based Websites:

A picture conveys a lot of messages. These days, there are several web designers who are following this concept. And, it impacts WordPress themes positively.

Nowadays, there are various WordPress websites which feature a design that makes use of images for capturing the attention of users. This comprises representing large photos that take a huge part of website layout. WordPress themes are also using the same designing trend for highlighting products and services.


4. Heavy-Duty Themes:

Initially, when WordPress was released, it was just a platform for creating simple blogs. But now, it is much more than just creating blogs or designing websites. It can now manage everything right from big news websites to fully equipped online stores with shopping carts and numerous product pages.

The year 2018 will enhance the demand for responsive multipurpose themes for creating more advanced websites. As a matter of fact, WordPress themes will get stronger than ever. You will come across several themes designed with page builders like Visual Composer that will provide users ultimate freedom for creating rich websites with customized features.


5. WordPress Video Headers:

It is a well-known fact that video will dominate web design in 2018. Video headers and backgrounds may not be new but it is definitely gaining popularity in the web design world. Fortunately, there are multifarious WordPress themes that make it simpler to get on board with this ongoing trend by providing videos that feature video headers.


6. Virtual Reality Plugins:

There are numerous web developers and designers who are planning to include virtual and augmented reality in web designs.

WordPress totally supports virtual reality content and also 360-degree images and videos. You will come across various WordPress websites that might be using this content in 2018.


7. Drag and Drop Builders:

Though WordPress offers distinct basic layout themes for free, personalized themes are generally worth the price. WordPress themes are highly user-friendly in nature but there are some themes that range from easy to complex at varied price points.

Earlier, there was a huge demand for the amount of drag and drop themes that allowed users to design and customize websites without the need of writing any code.

These WordPress themes are designed in a way that they are simple to use for both non-coders and web developers. Drag and drop make experimentation with varied layouts and plugins simple as well. Do you wish to experiment with video headers? All you need to do is to drag and drop a video header widget and check if it increases time on site.


8. Improvements to Admin UI:

WordPress 5.0 will surely start several latest trends and will also bring numerous features and updates to the CMS admin user interface. The major update is a revamped editor for writing blog posts and handling pages. You can expect it to be a huge overhaul of the recent editor. If you have created an account on, then you can preview these latest features also.


In A Nutshell

In this article, we have tried to compile the latest trend that will be popular in 2018 but the list is by no means cast in stone. There are various WordPress development trends catching the attention of people. They are equally essential, but the major motive is same and that is to make the website user-friendly. Hope this article turns out to be beneficial for you. If you feel we have missed out some points, then feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

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