7 Ways to Promote Your E-commerce Product without Being Salesy

Social media is one of the strongest tools businesses have nowadays. Their entire target audience uses social media on daily basis to access better and faster information, making it essential to include this into their marketing strategy.

If you thought that social media is great for customers to find a variety of products online, you were right. But, customers aren’t the only people who benefit from social media. Businesses are right there on the other side of the sales channel, making online marketing their most effective tool to boost sales.

However, when you wish to grow online and promote your products, you are risking appearing to salesy in the eyes of the audience. With so many businesses pursuing online marketing strategies to attract customers, the audience has become much harder to convince and please. Customers no longer want to read the same promotional content over and over again. They want something unique instead of something common. Everything else will appear too pushy.

What Customers Need

Knowing what you know from your experience in selling your product online, you can create a strategy that expands the knowledge customers have in regard to your product and service. This is your only and best tool to convince an interested customer into becoming an actual buyer of your product.

Creating well-designed social media pages is not enough. Your pages should be filled with details of your company and products, videos and photos, etc. They should combine a variety of strategies that are trendy in the social media world. This is far from easy since the trends in social media change almost daily.

If you are present or planning to build a brand on social media, you need to promote the product on a variety of social media platforms. One platform will bring much fewer customers than two or three and the reach is much bigger if you take some time to handle more social media pages.

Why E-commerce?

The benefits of social selling are already huge and rising. According to the following infographic by College Paper, social selling reduces contact time by 39% at this point, making it possible for you to build more communications with more customers on daily basis. Moreover, e-commerce is told to increase the percentage of sales by 33%, which is not at all a small number. In fact, this is the most promising and effective strategy the market has seen so far, all thanks to the social media interest on a worldwide level.

Of course, such numbers lead to much bigger interest in using social media to promote products. As a result, it is much harder to find the right way to get to the audience before your competition does, so you must seek the most effective methods to do so.

Being pushy and bombarding your audience with information about your product might have worked in the very beginning when the competition wasn’t so big, but it is now the worst thing you can do. People do not have the time to like and check every page, making it essential for you to find a unique way to attract your audience.

What Can You Do

If you want to promote your e-commerce product without seeming too pushy, you need the right mix of consistency and creativity. You can test out a variety of strategies and see how they work, focusing on your target audience in the process. The goal is to make the audience want to buy your product without you expressively and directly asking them to do so.

According to the infographic that follows, this is best achieved by taking seven steps, regardless of your business or products you are selling. The goal is to provide social proof to interest customers into buying your product, so you should definitely consider adding influencers to your platforms, creating inviting and convincing video and content, improve your posts and be more active; and any of the other steps selected in the infographic.

Your best approach would ideally combine all of these strategies, or at least half of them. If you want to promote your e-commerce product without appearing too salesy, you should do your best to make your customers like your business without forcing them toward making that decision.

7 Ways to Promote Your E-commerce Product without Being Salesy

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