5 Ways to Make a Perfect Instagram Landing Page

Social platforms marked the new era of content marketing, enabling businesses to reach out to the global audience quickly and effortlessly. But if we had to choose the single most fruitful social media, it would probably be Instagram.

Although it’s not the largest network globally, it still generates 10 times higher engagement rate than Facebook. That’s not where the benefits of Instagram marketing end because it also helps you to:

  • Connect and strengthen relations with customers
  • Learn about their feelings and preferences
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Generate sales

The last motive is particularly important as reports show that 80% of users follow at least one business account on Instagram. Using a handful of simple tactics, you can convert a lot of leads to full-time customers. Here are five ways to increase conversions with Instagram landing pages.

#1. Design Is Crucial

The goal of your Instagram account is to raise brand awareness and boost conversions through landing pages. The only way to achieve this goal is by designing content that follows the same branding pattern and makes your business highly recognizable among followers.

Craig Hennessey, a web designer at UK CareersBooster, says that Instagram landing pages must display the overall branding strategy: “People recognize companies through colors, logos, templates, and other visual elements, so you need to ensure landing page consistency. Most businesses use the same filter for all Instagram posts and stick to well-known branding patterns to improve visibility.”

Besides that, we strongly recommend you use clear and eye-pleasing imagery. Always add enough whitespace to divide different sections of the landing page and make them look more appealing.

Fill-in forms are where followers become customers, so you don’t want to burden people with too many input fields. Stick to the basic information that allows you to seal the deal quickly, and you won’t have to fear losing valuable clients in the process.

#2. Explain the Benefits

Most people follow a brand because they really like it, but it doesn’t mean that landing pages can be generic and completely sales-oriented. On the contrary, they are supposed to explain the benefits and advantages of using your products or services.

Don’t just invite prospects to buy something. Instead, add a brief explanation to reveal the real value of your proposal. Help your followers to figure out what makes this offer so special and how is it any different than competitors’ offers.

For instance, you can exploit numbers or catchy lines to add to the credibility of your proposal:

  • Ranked #9 among “Best Online ESL Schools”. Learn more!
  • Love your content? Your buyers don’t… Learn why!

At the same time, you can take advantage of customer testimonials to support your claims. These can be influencer suggestions, big client badges, stats showing the number of users, and many other types of social proofs.

#3. Highlight a CTA

A call to action (CTA) has the power to make or break your Instagram landing page efforts, so you better make it clearly visible. First of all, there should be no similar features or links on the page to distract potential buyers and lead them somewhere else.

Secondly, try to keep it focused and highlight the CTA – give it the central position, use a bright color, and make it stand out from all other elements. Most companies avoid pushy or dull CTAs such as ‘buy’ or ‘sign in’. Instead, you can take advantage of the friendlier solutions like ‘join now’ or ‘book me a seat’.

Message matching is another detail you have to pay attention to. A surprisingly large portion of businesses neglect the importance of this rule, so they add landing page links that have nothing in common with the actual content. You should be smarter than that and create content that perfectly corresponds with the CTA.

#4. Mobile Friendliness

Mobile phones will soon drive 80% of the global Internet usage, leaving desktop computers and other devices far behind. In such circumstances, a mobile-friendly design becomes mandatory for Instagram landing pages.

Even the highest-quality content won’t make a difference if you don’t embrace the responsive app design. You have to ensure easy and intuitive navigation, creating a simple user interface that leaves no room for confusion or misinterpretations. The goal is to achieve maximum functionality and display only the most relevant content.

Simplicity is the key factor here. A landing page is getting more complex with each new element added, so you should just stick to the basic components which actually drive conversions. This also means the copy must be intriguing but short, pointing out only one key benefit of your products or services.

Since we already mentioned the importance of a single CTA button and concise fill-in forms, the only thing left is to take care of the page load speed. Users hate slow-loading sites, so don’t let this little detail spoil the whole work you’ve done so far.

#5. A/B Testing

The landing page performance depends on various details. From CTA buttons to colors, each component can increase the odds of generating more conversions. Fortunately, you can run A/B tests to compare different solutions and learn which ones make the best impression of your followers.

We suggest you conduct a full range of tests:

  • CTA buttons
  • Images and videos
  • Copies
  • Colors
  • Fill-in forms
  • Headlines
  • Hashtags

With all the post-testing information at your disposal, you can eliminate weak spots and drastically enhance the productivity of your campaigns.


Instagram landings pages are an excellent marketing tool, but only if you can design them flawlessly. You can increase the conversion potential of this marketing channel using a few simple strategies, and we showed you the five most productive tactics in this field. Keep our suggestions in mind and use them in your next campaign – it could do miracles for your Instagram marketing!

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