6 Tips to Get Your WordPress Site Appear on Google

Everybody wants his/her WordPress site to be on Google’s first page. Not only the first page but also the pole position as you have invested your hard earned money and efforts on it. In the web world, if your website is not indexed on any search engine, then your website won’t reach 99% viewers. So it is very hard to get organic traffic on your website.

In this article, we have discussed how your WordPress website will appear on Google in order to avoid low traffic on your website.

Before, starting let us know how Google finds the site? Every search engine has their search spiders. Basically, it is an automated program, which scans the internet and reports the contents to the search engine. The search spider of Google is known as Googlebot.


#1. Invest in a good hosting provider:

The important thing for your website to be on Google’s first page is to have your domain from a good domain provider. The domain should have good server speed.

Downtime and disconnect may lead your website abandoned by the search engine. So take a wise decision to invest in a good domain provider.

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#2. Fill your WordPress site with high-quality content:

quality content

This is not only your website to appear on Google, but also the website must be filled with good contents to host your WordPress site in a good way.

If your website appears on Google and doesn’t have good contents or no contents, then it is very hard to be on the first page of the search engine.

Google always cares about good contents and relevancy. Have a look at quality contents for your WordPress to be in pole position.

#3. Disable Discourage Search Engine in WordPress:

While developing a website, our last goal is to appear on Google search engine. Thus, we want to keep Google far away from our website, when the website is going to live. Or else, the website will be marked with incomplete contents, which is not good.

The developer may forget to click the checkbox “discourage search engines from indexing this site”. Which may lead your WordPress site to lose organic traffic as it can’t appear on the search engines. So, you must focus on this issue.

#4. Sign up for Google Analytics:

Before indexing your WordPress site on Google, you should install Google Analytic platform to know the performance of your website.

Basically, Google provides this service for free. Here, you will get to know about the users, the session and the error occurred during their visits to your website.

Give some efforts to resolve those issues as soon as possible. Cause, errors may lead your website not to be on the first page and you will lose organic traffic. Google always pay attention to your website to make it better. Install Google Analytic for the better result.

#5. Focus on quality backlinks:

It is a wise decision to share quality backlink of your website with another website when you are having relevant content on any topic on that website.

It will lead your website to appear on a search engine. It is recommended to share the links to your website with high rated websites with high ranks.

Never share the links to your every content with other websites, which are not relevant to the contents. It will downgrade your WordPress site appearance on Google search engine. Avoid to share the link to a single page with many websites, it may down-rank your website.

#6. Fix any broken links:

fix broken links

If broken links are not fixed regularly and they are increasing every day, it is a signal to the search engine, that the WordPress site is not maintained regularly.

The increase in the number of broken links will result in the demotion of your website in a search engine or the search engine may omit your website completely.

There are lots of WordPress plug-ins available on the web, which check broken links of your website. Most of the plug-ins have the option to mark “nofollow”. This option enables search engine not to index those broken links on the search engine and save your website from down-rank.



There are lots of techniques to make your WordPress site appear on Google’s page. The most 6 important techniques are discussed above.

Hope, these techniques will lead your website to have pole position on Google search engine. If are not aware of these techniques or have not enough time to fix these, we suggest you take help of Hopinfirst, a US-based firm.

This firm is employed by highly experienced engineers, who help your WordPress site to be on the first page and first position of Google search engine.

Author Bio: James Tredwell is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.com who works with unique problems and advanced search situations. He helps clients improve organic traffic through a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm and Web technology.

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