5 Facts About WordPress Plugins That Should Be Known To Developers

Let’s talk about convenience and easy navigation for a website!

What do you really think it is? How can it be achieved by simplifying the work?

There are numerous ways to get it accomplished with ease and within a short time frame. But, if we talk about some specific development framework the conditions get varied.

Nowadays, everyone is adopting WordPress as their preferred web development platform.

The reason is a variety of elegant themes and plugins. WordPress made things easy for users and developers. It has now become convenient to have your own WordPress website and that too as per customized conditions.

People love this platform due to the way it showcases a business and makes a brand appear with all uniqueness. Despite knowing the WordPress popularity, people are still confused about which and how many plugins should they use.

It’s nothing like they can’t manage it on their own. Rather, it’s about handling the things more professionally to make website fully-functional. To mitigate their doubts, they often consult the issues with experts or a reliable WordPress company.

Well! In this blog post, one can clear all the doubts regarding WordPress plugins. Here we will be discussing WordPress plugins that are considered as the backbone of WordPress. To assist all WP users, we have come up with major WP facts that are mandatory to achieve flawless websites.


Plugins are considered as the small software applications

First of all, let us define what are WordPress plugins? People often ask this question and expect to get an authentic answer.

Plugins are generally known as the ways to extend the functionality of an already developed WordPress website. These are small programs that are developed to reduce the effort of website developers.

If you are a WordPress user, you must have an idea that WordPress comes with two default plugins. These plugins are Hello Dolly and Akismet. Hello, Dolly provides friendly greeting right to the top of the dashboard’s corner while Akismet assists users to fight from spam.

The major thing is, WordPress websites are versatile and exhibit the functionality need in anytime. WordPress creative individuals understand these needs and integrate plugins to do more with WP websites. Definitely, there are a lot of things you can do with WordPress plugins. WP plugins are stored in WP community and directory and can be used anytime as per website need. It’s not easy to pick the things from the ocean of possibilities. Thus, you need to make choices and then install related plugins to your website.


Almost all the WP plugins are for free

Almost all the WP plugins are for free

Many people stick to this statement to clear the concept. They often ask about free plugins provided by WordPress to its users. Their question is worth answering because many times this statement creates confusion in many minds.

Fundamentally, WordPress has the repository of hundreds of plugins to use for a website. All these plugins are free and run flawlessly when are integrated into a website. If you want something which is not in WP repository, you can go for custom WordPress plugin development.

Further, the directory also has some premium plugins that are used when the website requirement is not fulfilled with the free plugins. You can install them if you think they can fulfill your functionality needs.


Plugins can generate errors if not managed well

Plugins are the best ways to make a website fully-fledged and feature-rich. Being a developer, you definitely try to integrate such plugins that are fruitful for your website. But, even being so cautious, many issues start occurring on the website. There is a deep fact behind this, i.e., cluttered plugins management.

Yes! It’s true. Unorganized plugins may also cause issues to a website and results in less traffic and conversion. What do you think can happen with plugins?

Many times, you have heard that don’t keep deactivated plugins on your website. These may slow down the process and result in high bounce rates. In case, if you want to deal with these plugins, keep them updated. This can help your website run fast.


Number of plugins is not an issue

Number of plugins is not an issue

The best part is, you can have as long plugin list as you want. But, make sure that all these are active and updated with the latest WP version. Plugins should not be outdated as they may not impress users by their older user experiences.

Integrating a wide number of plugins is good, but remember that you should also focus more on quality instead of quantity. Be attentive and use plugins carefully.


WP plugins exist to improve user experience

WordPress plugins are used for improving the user experience of each WordPress website. So, you should be creative while using them. This is the platform which acknowledges the experiences you want to offer your website visitors through plugins.

Wrapping Up:

We hope that you must have got insights of WordPress plugin facts and importance. Let us know, what are your opinions regarding the above-mentioned facts. If you are still not clear about WordPress plugins, you can leave your comment below in the comment box.

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