Review on Top 10 Multilingual Plugins for WordPress

A multilingual website is a site that is available in different languages of the world. The global internet has erased boundaries. So, entrepreneurs require multilingual websites to attract and meet the needs of foreign visitors. Although various electronic translators are already available on the internet, they don’t meet the needs of website owners.

On the other hand, the development and support of multilingual websites require software and the processes and methods for managing web content that is significantly different from those needed for conventional “monolingual” websites. In the absence of suitable means, the creation and maintenance of multilingual websites can be costly for website owners.

So, they look for alternative methods. Using multilingual WordPress Plugins is one of them. It allows WordPress website owners to make their sites multilingual in an easy way, catch the attention of the international audience and expand their web-based business easily and quickly in all directions. So, do you run WordPress websites? Looking for WordPress multilingual plugins? If yes, then go through some excellent options that are detailed here below:

#1. WooCommerce Multilingual

WooCommerce Multilingual is an ideal WP translation plugin for all e-retailers who run E-stores with the WordPress platform. With this plugin, they can easily make their E-commerce websites multilingual. It allows visitors to switch languages easily and view the website or its pages in their preferred languages. It also allows you to translate product categories, tags, and custom attributes. So, use this plugin and get more business opportunities from the international audience.

#2. Google Language Translator

The Google Language Translator plugin allows WordPress website owners to quickly provide multilingual content on their sites. Just download it from the official WordPress respiratory and activate it on your website. The plugin supports 80+ languages, allowing you to gain the attention of many international visitors. Visitors can switch languages manually and read the available content easily in their favorite language.

#3. Polylang

Polylang is a fantastic WordPress plugin that allows you to easily make your WordPress website bilingual or multilingual WordPress. You can quickly write posts and pages, create categories, and define a specific language for each. The translation of the post always remains optional. The plugin does not integrate any automatic or professional translation service, so website owners need to do the website translation work.

#4. Social Semantic Recommendation (SOSERE)

Social Semantic Recommendation is a handy WP plugin for all those individuals who want to make their WP sites multilingual and boost the visitor’s engagement with the brand to a great extent. Use this plugin on your WP site and show the related content to visitors. The plugin supports various languages and automatically suggests the related content to visitors based on their current entries.

#5. MultilingualPress

With Multilingual Press Free, you can connect to several websites and allow visitors to read the website content in more than 174 languages. Moreover, the plugin can easily translate posts, pages, and taxonomy terms. So, website managers can easily add translation links to any navigation menu and facilitate visitors to read the content in their favorite language. So, this plugin doesn’t disappoint you when you have to make your WP website multilingual.

#6. WPGlobus – Multilingual Everything!

WPGlobus is the right tool if your dream is to take your business to the next level by meeting the needs of international clients. The plugin has a straightforward translation interface and is fully compatible with WordPress SEO by Yoast and ACF. It allows you to make your WP site fully multilingual and keep the Non-English-speaking audience hanging around your website. The best thing about this plugin is that it adds a drop-down menu to a navigation menu. So, visitors can easily switch between languages and view the website and its pages in their language.

#7. Multilanguage

If you are looking for an ideal plugin to make your WP website multilingual easily, you can make a bet on this plugin. With its use, you can easily translate all sections of your website and allow visitors to read the content in their preferred language. However, the translation option remains optional for users. All translations must be done manually; it doesn’t include any automatic or professional translation service.

#8. Lingotek Translation

Lingotek Translation simplifies creating multilingual websites and provides the convenience of cloud-based localization. It comes with several valuable features, such as community translation solutions, machine translation, and professional translation. All these features ease the manual burden of creating multilingual websites, and it also helps website owners cut costs and improve language consistency to a great extent.

#9. Loco Translate

Loco Translate is a marvelous language-translation tool for all those WordPress bloggers/website owners/admins who want to provide the facility of in-browser editing of all translation files and localization tools for developers. There is no shortage of such facilities in this plugin. Using this plugin, you can make changes in language files directly in the theme or plugin. The availability of support for the PO feature adds more beauty to this plugin. The plugin has a lot of keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to use it conveniently at all times.

#10. Genesis Translations

It is a highly recommended WP translation plugin for all WordPress bloggers/website owners who want to grab the attention of international visitors. The plugin Translations translate the Genesis Framework into the language you choose. You can also check the status of translations. It also helps you to make some improvements in the translated files. So, use this plugin and make your WP site multilingual easily and quickly.

Final Remarks

Multilingual websites can grab the attention of a large audience on the web and help entrepreneurs generate more leads quickly and effortlessly. Using the above-mentioned WP plugins, you can make your WP site multilingual without any problem.

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