Writing Effective Social Media Content Using These 5 Methods

As a writer, have you ever wondered how you can better your efforts of writing better articles for social media purposes? This is the right track for you to be taking because, in these changing times, there is an increased number of writers that are willing to exploit the power that lies in social media. In fact, it is no surprise that 60% of marketers around the globe write at least one article every day. This has led to a tremendous amount of competition facing writers that are on their way to breaking into writing articles for social media.

These facts should then prompt article writers to seek for the best ways for their pieces to stand out and not be written off as insignificant in the eyes of readers. Below are some of the best methods that you should incorporate to help your articles to thrive and be effective in social media:


1. Avoid Abstract Titles

Let your titles be clear to avoid making the readers doubt the content within

Let your titles be clear to avoid making the readers doubt the content within

One of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to writing articles in various social media platforms is the impact that titles have. One element that makes titles to become less effective is if they are abstract or vague. It is important to note that this does not only apply to articles in social media alone, a title that is abstract is rendered ineffective on numerous fronts, YouTube videos included.

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With an abstract title, your readers can never be totally sure about what your content contains until they open it. This can turn out to be disastrous to your articles because of the manner in which the audiences in this time and age have been wired. This trend is characterized by 80% of readers paying attention to only the article titles while leaving out the content bit. They will hardly ever take interest in the rest of your article’s content if the title has not compelled them to give the article the attention it deserves. In a nutshell, having an abstract title will water down the efforts you put into writing the actual content. You should always ensure that your titles are compelling and grab the attention of your readers.


2. Your Article Will Be More Effective If You Relay Some Of The Content In Form Of Stories

There is no defense against bringing forth information in form of stories

There is no defense against bringing forth information in form of stories

One of the most powerful tools that you can use when carrying out your essay writing services or to relay effective content to your audience is storytelling. Since time immemorial, stories have had a reputation of being able to flesh out emotion from the audience and by so-doing making it easier to relate to them. The adjectives and verbs used when narrating a story are the responsible items that trigger emotions and senses that make your readers feel as though they were living in the story.

A question may be asked, how can you come up with a story to make your article effective? The answer is simple and does not entail cooking up stories from the blues. The little occurrences that have happened to you on multiple previous occasions or are happening at present times are all useful ingredients that you could use to form the starter of your story-telling path. Whichever story you settle upon, ensure that it is related to the content in your article and this will lead to the audience getting hooked to your work and can also be used when you apply texas essay examples. By virtue of your article having engaged its readers, you will have succeeded in confirming that your article is indeed effective.


3. Break Your Article’s Monotony Through the Use Of Visual Content

Visual content should be used to complement your article

Visual content should be used to complement your article

The best type of articles that you should post on your social media channels should be just long enough for you to engage and strike a great rapport with your audience. Having established that a good length is crucial for you to have enough space to relay your message to your audience, there is a downside to it all. This is that you will have to use quite a good amount of words for you to achieve your target of connecting with your readers. This can turn out to be long and monotonous for a significant percentage of your audience.

For instance, if an article has around 2000 words or even 1000, the best monotony-breaker is the insertion of images. Images assist by taking the attention of the readers off of the infinite rows that your words occupy. This then prevents them from getting overwhelmed and discarding your article thinking that the content offered in them might prove to be too much to understand. Other than inserting images, you could also create infographics and use presentations to assist in engaging your readers more.


4. For Your Article to Be Effective, It Should Not Have Any Grammatical Errors

Grammatical errors nullify your article`s effectiveness. Avoid them!

Grammatical errors nullify your article`s effectiveness. Avoid them!


Ensure that your content does not have any grammar errors, spelling mistakes or even passive voice issues among many other technical hitches that your content could harbor. Most of the people in the online world will hardly forgive you if you posted content with such problems as it depicts that you’re not competent in your writing hence making them also discredit what you are writing.

Use online editing tools or better yet hire a proofreader. Content that is perfect in grammar will add to its value and most of its readers will be able to actually appreciate the genuine passion and effort that the writer put into practice for the content of such caliber to be produced.


5. Call Your Audience to Action

Call them to action!

Call them to action!

Finally, one of the things you should never miss to add in your article is the call to action for your readers. It can be inserted in the middle of your article or even at the end of it. The role this section plays is simple but very effective in engaging your audience more. It works by convincing your readers to take action by commenting on your article, sharing it, liking it and even subscribing to your newsletters. Once you’ve managed to make your audience to take action, you can rest assured that your article was effective!



Effective content could be simply referred to as content that engages and entertains your audience but in the long run, meets the goals you had set when beginning to write it. This article has expounded on some of the best methods that you can use in your writing to help ensure that your articles remain unique in their effectiveness.

Which tip addressed an issue that’s been plaguing you?

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