How to Use Social Media to Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy?

As a fashion brand, your biggest market is social media. Why? Because you have access to almost 3 billion people. You can’t find these many people anywhere else. And, the best part is, all these people are within your reach.

Fashion stores like Zara, Levis, Forever21, and Boohoo are making a killing seven-figure revenue just by promoting their products through social media.

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Well, yes. There are certain limitations to how Zara can market on social media and how you can. It has around 36 million users, and you, well, you are just getting started. But that doesn’t mean in any way, you can’t be like Zara or you can’t make a decent profit through your social media campaigns. It is certainly possible, you just have to play smartly. How? We will teach you that.

But before we jump to that part, it is essential to learn how social media works. Especially, about what people do on social media.

Social Media Statistics 2019

SmartInsights has created a simple report for anyone interested in learning about social media behavior. Let’s read the crux of this report. 

  • 3 billion users are active on social media
  • 60% of these social media users live in Europe or America
  • Facebook has a 3% reach peruse who have liked a page/group
  • Facebook is the dominating social media platform followed by Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat
  • YouTube is the second most widely watched social channel after Facebook, but the engagement rate is quite low.
  • People on social media are looking for fun and entertainment content
  • People are more likely to buy from a brand that is responsive and offers a discount
  • However, to keep these people engaged, the brands need to provide entertaining content
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Source: SproutSocial

What is Your Intent?

So, while marketing your website through social media, think about your intent. You intent can be one of the three:


If you want to make people aware of your brand, your approach will be completely different. You will start with introduction images. These can be advertisements saying ‘Newly launched brand’ or ‘Launching Soon…’ or ‘Your X fashion brand is here.’

Avoid on-the-face promotions at this time because no one will be interested in buying from you. You haven’t built trust yet.


Your awareness season will last around a couple of weeks. Once that is over, you can start soft promotions such as discount ads. For example, ‘get 15% off on three’ or ‘35% off today’. Now blend these discount promotions with quality pictures of models wearing your products just as Zara is doing. When people come to your website through Facebook, you can retarget them later on.


This is the retargeting stage. Once you have a relevant size of the audience, create a lookalike audience of this audience type. This way, you will find people who are genuinely interested in buying your products. The more people you can reach for your campaigns, the better.

Social Promotion Tips for Explosive Sales

Split Test

The best way to know what works on social media and what doesn’t is to test it. You can never know what will work unless you try, and that’s also true with social media. The more you split test, the better you will get in the engaging the audience on your social pages/accounts. 

Social Promotion Tips  - social media marketing

See engagement on the Everlane Facebook page.

Social Promotion Tips 1  - social media marketing

This is another post on the same page. See which one works well. Remember, what works well, sells well.

Focus on Videos

Videos are one of the best ways to market your products on social media. Dropshippers are raking in millions through social media videos, and the biggest drop shipper is

Focus on Videos - social media marketing

Partner with similar firms

Remember, the partnership is the key when it comes to marketing. Two are always better than one. When two brands cross-promote, their audiences get to know about the other’s product. Admittedly, this can have a significant impact on sales of both brands. So, form partnerships with other brands who are not your direct competitors and leverage them for your growth.

Content Varies across channels

As a social media marketer for a brand, you should remember that content varies for each social media channel. Some channels get more engagement, while others offer better returns. So, which one should you use? It depends on your choice and the type of business you operate.

For a fashion brand, a presence on Instagram is essential. While for a hosting company, Facebook matters the most.

Content Varies across channels - social media marketing

Timing is a MUST

In the beginning, you can post at whatever timings suit you. But when you become a reputed brand in the social media circle, limit yourself to a few times per day. Reason? This will increase the engagement of your brand.

TrackMaven has offered a simple infographic detailing the best times to post on all social media channels.

Timing is a MUST

Start a Group/Community

One of the best ways to create loyal customers is by starting a social media group or community. Since Facebook is the most used platform, you can easily create your community on Facebook. This will allow people to have direct conversations with your staff. They can return purchased items swiftly, and most will eventually become your long-term customers.

Start a Group
Start a Group

Check out these ‘Always Everlane’ groups. They are die-hard fans of that fashion brand.

Similarly, you can also use social media to search for key terms that you can capitalize on. For example, if someone has asked ‘best store to buy leather jacket’, you can search for this exact term on Facebook. Go to a group, and then on the right side of the screen, click ‘Search this group.’

Start a Group 1

This is how you can search for what people are asking related to your brand or industry.

Don’t Forget Influencers

Finally, don’t forget the power of influencers. Influencers can make or break a brand. If you are new in the industry, influencers can be your first line of defense. Use them smartly to promote your products to a broader audience. There are multiple case studies available online telling about how people have used influencers to establish their brands. 

You can do the same. 

Don’t Forget Influencers
A simple promotion or a shout out can go a long way if done rightly. Instagram screengrab.

A simple promotion or a shout out can go a long way if done rightly. Instagram screengrab.


Social media is one of the best and the most cost-effective ways to make it BIG online. If you are newly launching your brand, or are not sure where to start, then follow our tips to establish your presence on social media. Remember, there is no wrong way when it comes to social media marketing. Most have learned from their experiences. So, start testing and learn along the way.

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