Most Powerful 8 Contact Form for WordPress Website in 2020

You have created a perfect website with some high-quality content, but what next. How you will manage the audience that coming to your website, how you can reach them out? Well, the answer is quite simple, you need some outstanding Website plugins that collect the information of your visitors helps you to connect with them. We are here to provide you with some of the best contact form plugins for your website in 2020. 

If you want to make your website good and lead generating then you need some efficient plugins at your back-end that add functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency to your site. There are some infinite plugins available online and it is hard for you to choose the best for your company. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out with some amazing plugins that not only add value to your site but also give you some amazing advantages. 

Most Powerful 8 Contact Form for WordPress Website in 2020:

1. Gravity Forms: Build Professional Forms

If you need a premium contact form that fulfills all your needs then Gravity Form is the perfect solution for you. This outstanding plugin will range from $39 (for one site) to $199 (for unlimited sites). You can limit your contact form entries when you are running any contest or any offer through this fantastic plugin. It also comes with some standard fields such as radio buttons, paragraph fields, and drop-down boxes. This plugin is one of the most trusted plugins for WordPress site. 

Gravity Forms - Build Professional Contact Forms and Beyond

Exciting Features That Make Gravity Forms a Great Choice:

  • It is easy to use and brings some professional appearance to your website
  • You got 30 + wonderful choices to choose the best form field for your form
  • With their Conditional logical you can hide the fields, sections, pages and much more. 
  • It contains an email auto-respond so whenever you receive a lead generation, you will never miss it.

Best Add-Ons for Gravity Forms That You Can Really Use:

  • Gravity Forms Pro Add-Ons
  • Gravity Forms Elite Add-Ons
  • Gravity Forms Styles Pro

2. Contact Form 7: Most Flexible Form For Mail Contents

Contact form 7 gives you a variety of features, which are missing in any other form. With this highly effective Contact Form 7, you can easily customize your form and mail content with high flexibility by just a simple markup. CF 7 supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

You can easily send any data to external servers through CF 7.

Contact Form 7 Most Flexible Contact Form For Mail Contents

Exciting Features That Make Contact Forms 7 as Great Choice:

  • You can easily maintain multiple forms
  • Simply mail content through easy markup
  • Insert forms into any pages or posts using Shortcode
  • The plugin supports Akismet spam filtering, Ajax-powered submitting, and CAPTCHA
  • Lots of third-party extensions to add additional functionality

Best Add-Ons for Contact Form 7 That You Can Really Use::

  • Contact Form 7 – PayPal Addon Pro
  • WPBruiser Contact Form 7 Premium Extension
  • Moana Contact Form 7 Builder Premium Plugin

3. WP Forms Pro: Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder

WP Forms are the basic and beginner level contact forms for your website. This contact form plugin is made with a vision to provide an easy and powerful impact. It comes in both paid and free version, WP Forms is the free version which gives you some amazing benefits. 

WP Forms Pro: Drag & Drop WordPress Contact Form Builder

Exciting Features That Make WP Forms Pro a Great Choice:

  • It comes with some powerful form fields and features like smart conditional logic, file upload, geo-location, and many other effective features. 
  • This plugin contains some highly professional 150+ contact form templates.
  • You can use their dashboard as one tool for collecting and watching every information.
  • WP Forms surveys and poll add-ons are the best survey solution available in the market. 
  • It also gives you some amazing advantages by providing you survey reports, real-time polls for WordPress, and all smart survey fields like star ratings, Likert scale, NPS, etc.
  • It also provides you a form landing page solution so that you some better outcomes. 

Best Add-Ons for WP Forms Pro That You Can Really Use:

  • Mailchimp Addon
  • GetResponse Addon
  • Offline Forms Addon

4. Formidable Forms: Solution-Focused Forms

This contact form plugin is the most advanced form available in the market. Such contact form helps developers to build a complex form-focused solution quickly. Formidable Forms works properly with WooCommerce integration to provide you highly efficient product forms. You can also use Formidable Forms’ powerful features calculation field to make smart calculators such as Mortgage calculator, car payment calculator, request a quote calculator, and more.

Formidable Forms: Solution-Focused Contact Forms

Exciting Features That Make Formidable Forms a Great Choice:

  • This powerful and yet simple to use the contact form plugin integrates with all popular email marketing and payment platforms.
  • It comes with some amazing features such as powerful Woocommerce integration. 
  • Formidable Forms is different from WP Form Pro as it focuses on advanced users and developers.
  • If you want to develop or build form-based solutions or data-driven web applications then it is hard for you to find a better option than Formidable Forms.

Best Add-Ons for Formidable Forms That You Can Really Use:

  • Stripe Add-On
  • Contact Form 7 – PayPal Addon Pro
  • API Webhooks Add-On

5. Ninja Forms: Drag and Drop WordPress Form Builder

If you want to create a highly interactive form with very little effort then Ninja Form can give you some outstanding advantages. The best thing about this plugin is that it comes for free and gives you more advantages than a premium contact form plugin. You can use premium extensions to extend Ninja Forms such as Ninja Forms functionality such as connecting with Campaign Monitor, Freshbooks, Salesforce, SMS notifications, etc.

Ninja Forms: Drag and Drop WordPress Contact Form Builder

Exciting Features That Make Ninja Forms a Great Choice:

  • You can download it for as many sites as you want
  • This plugin provides you l community support options, as well as documentation, guides, and email support.
  • With the help of the extension, you can create some extensive contact forms for your website. 
  • It controls every element of the contact form 
  • It gives you instant updates 
  • Translation from any language is ready for you to get some better advantages. 

Best Add-Ons for Ninja Forms That You Can Really Use:

  • Ninja Forms +Conditional Logic
  • Ninja Forms + Layout and Styles
  • Ninja Forms + Save Progress

6. FormCraft: Premium WordPress Form Builder

Do you want your form to look creative, unique and stylish? If yes, then FormCraft is the first choice for you. It helps you in creating forms with extensive customization, allowing you to build simple contact forms or complicated application forms in the most convenient and simple way. FormCraft is a complete, flexible, and customizable Drag & Drop Form Builder tool for WordPress.

The future is Mobile and It comes with a built-in feature of Mobile responsive. If you are looking for something advanced then FormCraft is the 4th Gen form building platform, which is a complete rewrite over the 3rd Gen platform. It is fast, lightweight, and makes gorgeous forms.

FormCraft: Premium WordPress Form Builder

Exciting Features That Make FormCraft a Great Choice:

  • Mobile responsive forms that connect with the user easily. 
  • It comes with custom HTML and supports 8 field types
  • It is easy to use and also lightweight. 
  • It includes some premium add-ons such as multi-page forms, Stripe, PayPal Standard, and support for WordPress multisite.
  • It will help you in creating unique and creative contact forms that will; easily build relations with the audience. 
  • It comes with some popular free extensions such as  Mailster, MailChimp, MailPoet, reCAPTCHA, and Campaign Monitor.
  • It contains a Drag & Drop Form Builder, which is the most amazing feature of FormCraft

Best Add-Ons for FormCraft That You Can Really Use:

  • User Registration
  • Form to post
  • Multi-page form

7. Quform: WordPress Form Builder

Quform provides you with some easy way to create high-quality forms so that you don’t need to hire a developer for this. Whether its time, money or efforts, It saves you in all things. It comes with some advanced features that will help you in making your organization grow faster. 

It comes with countless layout options so that your form looks awesome and attractive. You can enhance this form by adding some simple and easy customization. 

Quform: WordPress Form Builder

Exciting Features That Make Quform a Great Choice:

  • It comes with a CSRF protection
  • Quform supports Fancybox 2 and Magnific Popup 
  • It offers easy and effective RTL support.
  • It comes with an easy to use interface and a handy migration tool.
  •  It includes Kendo UI time picker and date picker.
  • It contains nine validators and six filters.
  • This perfect form is designed with powerful optimization and doesn’t make your site loads slow. 
  • Its Recaptcha protects you from spam. 

Best Add-Ons for Quform That You Can Really Use:

  • Quform Styles – Form Designer
  • Visual Composer Quform Add-on
  • MailChimp for Quform

8. Ninja Kick: Lightweight and Uber-Fast Form

If you want to build a strong connection with your audience then Ninja Kick Form is the perfect choice for you. It instantly shows the contact form without waiting for the page loading. With this plugin, you can add hidden form with slide in revealing animation sitewide on your WordPress website or blog. 

It is mobile friendly and reacts to swipe gestures. It comes with some modern effects that will make your contact form look amazing and eye-catching. To make it spam free, it uses a human test option.

Ninja Kick: Lightweight and Uber-Fast Form


  • GDPR compliance features 
  • Localization for languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Finnish. If you have improvements please PM me your translations.
  • It contains a user-friendly setting page
  • Client-side form validation and form AJAX submission.
  • Based on fields filled by you on the setting page, Ninja Kick automatically sets its layout to offer some best view to your audience. 
  • It contains a Mailchimp opt-in option

Below are the three best add-ons for Ninja Kick:

  • Ninja Kick Series: 3-in-1 Pack
  • Ninja Kick Series Subscription
  • Ninja Kick Series: Sliding Panel

Wrapping Up

Your website is the place that holds all your goodwill making it more advance with some premium plugins that can give you some efficient benefits. We hope you get all the information that you needed from the above-discussed points. 

Now, you can choose the best contact form plugins for wordpress website so that you can effectively generate a lead. If you are looking for some finest plugins for your WordPress website then it is hard to find a better option than the plugins listed above.

Looking forward to seeing your awesome website developing and generating a good amount of leads.

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