10 Social Media Marketing Tools for Creating Best Content


Social Media without Marketing is at par comparable to live without air. Social media has taken up the central point for marketing. One cannot neglect to know the best available tools to plan content. Especially when the virtual business world is growing so fast.

With an intention to introduce you to the best tools available, the blog is being written. Social media marketing is facing high competition attributed to a high number of users. Beat the competition. Learn about the best tools available.

If you are an entrepreneur or looking to create the finest of online content, you are at the right place. You definitely need to read through to know the top 9 nine tools for Social Media Marketing.

When we talk about content on social media, it does not only mean a written piece. It can be a power point presentation, a video, photos, graphics, audio files and so on. The traditionally written content rank lower as compared to the other different forms. This post will take you through a mix of social media marketing tools. They not only promote or helps create written content but also other forms of content.

1. Buffer

Buffer offers the concept of the central dashboard. The same helps to share content across different platforms. This makes Buffer a superior choice as compared to other similar tools.

The ease to use the tool makes it popular among entrepreneurs and marketers.

The tool along with options of content sharing help with tips and strategies. The tips and strategies help optimize visibility of content. It also prompts trending topics and ideas to create content on.

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2. Canva

Want a graphic design, go with Canva. What better can be a choice when it comes to graphic designing. Use of many fonts, templates, and the drag and drop feature makes it user-friendly. It offers a whole range of document type that can be made. Along with photo editing turns quite proficient with the tool. Professional touch offered by the website tips is noteworthy.

A unique feature of the tool is its usability for creating graphs. Graphs are not only a need for visual-based content but all generic business reports. This feature makes the tool popular among all entrepreneurs and marketers.

3. Prezi

The online editor works well in creating effective powerpoint presentations. Especially when adding animations and editing the tool is quite user-friendly. Online resources that help to make presentations easier are available to help users. One can utilize its basic features without subscribing to its paid version. For professional usage, the paid versions work better.

4. Slideboom:

Not only powerpoint presentations but other offered features make Slideboom popular among users. It helps to convert the presentations to Flash. This conversion helps in easy sharing along with creating private groups. This helps in deciding and choosing the intended viewers.

Entrepreneurs can create their personal channel on Slideboom. This helps in easy handling of presentations and data. In an organization, the same help in internal data sharing.

5. PowToon:

The tool is known for its easy interface system. With the help of which branded videos is shared with social media and prospective customers in one go. Both free and paid versions of the tool are available.

6. Wideo:

The tool helps in creating professional videos in minutes. The sharing of the same over various social media platforms as possible. The common social media platforms used in this regard include Facebook, Twitter, Google+.


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7. Easel.ly:

Infographics have gained prominence over the last few years. Creating it is the task of graphics and content specialists. As a marketer, the tool Easel.ly helps edit existing infographics. Based on need editing and customizing is essential for an entrepreneur. The same is a free tool hence a perfect tool for start-ups.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it out today.


8. Visme:

There are independent tools for creating videos, powerpoint presentations, infographics, and wireframes. Visme is a tool that provides all content based solution at one place. Single dashboard management is always easier for an entrepreneur or marketer. The importance of the tool can be well gauged by the varied functions provided by the tool.

The tool is quite like YouTube with polished and advanced features.
Visme is a free tool for basic features with a paid version available for executive features.


9. Audacity:

The above-mentioned tools help in the creation and editing different form of content. Audio podcasts and recordings are special forms of content when discussing Audacity.

Audacity is the smartest available tool with simple features. It helps in conversion of tapes to digital recordings. The sweep out of video and audio tapes has made it a challenge to use the old audio tapes. Audacity is the solution software for all such issues.


10. Proofreading tool

Proofreading is a must when considering online content. The tools in this range help to make the content readable and also spelling and grammar free. Doing it manually helps. The tools may not be that powerful to catch mistakes that are content specific. Improved technology has brought in powerful tools. Tools like Grammarly, Hemmingway app, ginger, slick write and so on. Check on the best proofreading tools available.

Make use of the tools available in the list provided to proofread your document. But as the mentioned manual check is the most powerful one. It is very vital for a social media marketer to know the art of proofreading your own content manually so that you can make necessary changes on your own. The task of a social media marketer is not as easy as it sounds. Especially the competition in the field makes it tougher. A content posted today will turn old tomorrow with an array of contents updated every day.

The tools mentioned above are not the only ones that act as a savior to manage social content marketing. But there are much more tools used based on features required. Have a look at the whole list with detailed information of the tools including a few discussed.

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