10 Awe-Inspiring Social Media Marketing Tips You Simply Must Follow

As recent marketing trends began placing focus on online marketing, the importance of standing out online slowly becomes a priority that should be acknowledged. Apart from online advertising efforts focused on websites and building search rankings, there exists another source of marketing that business owners should begin taking advantage of- social media marketing. By engaging in social media marketing, you are able to both reach out to your customer base as well as establish a strong online presence, thus increasing the online visibility and relevancy of your business.

Here are 10 social media marketing tips that should be followed when coming up with a social media marketing strategy:

1. URL Shortening

Another social media marketing technique that users often overlook is URL shortening. URL shortening is a good effective practice since it converts regular long URLs into reader-friendly condensed formats. By shortening your URLs, business owners can actually earn good impressions since the URLs make sense to readers who are unfamiliar with IT. The more friendly they seem, the more they are able to decipher what the link leads to, the more they are willing to trust and click on the links. Furthermore, URL shortening also allows business owners to subtly track the click-through rates of their content, thereby being able to see the performance of their posts.

2. Using the Right Social Media Platform

While it’s natural to develop the inclination that one has to be involved in multiple social media marketing platforms, the truth of the matter is you do not have to use every one of these platforms. Especially when they do not appeal or apply to your business services or products! Research into the different social media marketing platforms that are available and choose 2 or 3 of the most effective ones that you can make full use of instead of branching out all over. You will find that your social media marketing strategy is a lot more manageable and results driven.

3. Frequency & Scheduling

In order to establish a good social media presence, one of the most crucial social marketing tips a business owner should receive would be that consistency matters. Striking a good balance in activity is something to strive towards- too little posting and your user base loose interest. Too much posting within a week and you run the risk of over flooding your customer base’s timelines, resulting in unlikes or unfollows. Experiment until you can find the optimal timing to post so that your customers can provide you the engagement you need.

4. Targeting

Be sure to make use of social media statistics when you are targeting your online advertisements. This is so that your advertisements will show up to the individuals who are most likely to provide you with sales conversions since they have a need for your products. Remember to analyze the marketing information so you know which demographic to launch remarketing efforts towards as well.

5. Engaging Your Audience

Remember to engage your follower base through different activities that garner their interest, like hosting giveaways and contests. You can also make use of social media features like live streaming to gain instant feedback from customers, show products that are upcoming, share special discount codes, demonstrate or offer tutorials and other functions.

6. Links

Another healthy social media marketing tip that business owners can rely on would be to make use of content and links so that interested customers are willing to visit websites and follow through with conversions. For example, if you are posting articles, ask for feedback by linking users back to feedback forms. If you are sharing more information, you can include them in your visual content and the like! By doing so, you are establishing a connection between your website and your social media, thus allowing your user base to locate you more conveniently.

7. Building Up Reputation

The more businesses establish reputation through their conduct, the easier it is to encourage brand loyalty within customers. People want to feel respected, and that their opinion matters so be sure to thank users for the feedback and ratings they offer. At the same time, address problems and complaints with a professional fair-minded tone. The more consistently you address and respond to others, the more trustworthy you become. This way, you will be able to earn more business opportunities.

8. Content Management Tools

Content management tools are one of the best tools one should make use of when it comes to social media marketing. These management tools help business owners keep track of what content has already been posted, schedule more content to post across different social media platforms at a regular time or day, reduce duplicate contents and monitor engagement rates. The data collected by management tools can also be used to analyze the next step to take when it comes to social media marketing campaigns.

9. Content Delivery

One of the most valuable social media marketing tips that advertisers should keep in mind would be the technique of switching up content formats occasionally and keeping track of different content format performance. Changing content formats is a good method of keeping your user base engaged- if you frequently post articles, why not create a breath of fresh air on your business page by sharing a video related to your services or products once in a while? Instead of posting videos that are 5 or 10 minutes long, would it be more fun to convert snippets into images and humorous/thoughtful “memes”? Maximize the full potential of content deliverability by switching things up and improving your overall reach.

10. Using the Right Hashtags

The inclusion of hashtags has become a prominent part of social media culture. In fact, the use of hashtags is relied on by social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep track of related posts and show up in search results within the platform- almost like the equivalent of keywords for search engines. Say you search up #food in Instagram- you will notice that the images that are brought up to your notice are artful images of food from users who have posted the images with the inclusion of the hashtag. However, staying on top of the search results is another issue since many others make use of this generic hashtag. So specific and short hashtags are often more favorable.

Another social media marketing factor is to be able to use these hashtags to your advantage. So make sure to conduct research for hashtags you can dominate and don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations so as to see what results they draw in. A good recommendation would be to include two hashtags per post.

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