Reasons Why It Is Better to Outsource PPC

You’ve set up your in-house PPC campaign and now you can rest. I mean, what’s there more for you to do; you’ve killed the final boss, you saved the princess; game over, right? Wrong, PPC campaign management is not like your classic Super Mario game.

It’s more like an MMO game with no end in sight. You’ve probably already invested more than you should’ve into your campaign and now you’ve caught yourself in a vicious circle of training and re-training yourself or your employees on how to continually maintain your failed PPC campaign.

However, it’s still not too late for you to cut your losses and invest money into something more profitable. Namely, outsourcing your PPC is a way better investment of your time and money and these are the reasons why.

Time Is Money

Although one might say that this phrase is greatly overused and cliché, it is still extremely relevant in this case. You simply don’t have the luxury of wasting time on PPC management when you could be doing something else.

Someone, either the owner (in case of small businesses) or an employee, would need to add PPC management to their workload and then take even more time to actually learn how to do it properly. Instead of focusing on the business itself you would have people wasting time, and therefore money, on a project that a PPC agency could’ve done much faster and cheaper with better results.

In addition, it is even suggested that outsourcing can help promote your business’s growth as it is more time-efficient, and allows your employees to be more productive.

Resources and Experience

This is closely connected to the previous point. PPC agencies have experience, your employees do not. It would take a lot of time for your employees to gain the necessary expertise to finally start working on PPC management efficiently. Also, by training your employees to run a PPC campaign you are spreading your resources too thin.

Keep in mind you still need to pay them the salaries and invest in equipment they need to work with. Bigger companies have the resources to create their own in-house PPC management division, whereas smaller and medium-sized business do not. Imagine, if someone in charge of your PPC campaign had to go on a vacation, even worse, resigned.

You would have no one to take care of that until you trained someone as a replacement. Outsourcing your PPC to an agency gets you the best of both worlds, you keep your resources in check and get experts to work on your PPC campaign from day one.

Better ROI

Better ROI

Another thing, training your employees to be successful PPC managers is not just a bad idea because of the time they waste to acquire the necessary skills.

It’s a bad idea overall because every mistake they make will cost you. Namely, using the wrong keywords would result in irrelevant searches that you’d still have to pay for and they won’t get you any results. For example, you use ‘woolen handmade bag’ as a search term, but you get people searching for ‘woolen handmade jacket’ instead.

As Elevate Digital, SEO Company from Hong Kong, said: “you need to think about things such as keyword match types, keyword grouping, negative keywords, long-tail keywords and much, much more.

Experts won’t make such rookie mistakes and will even increase the profit you’ll gain from relevant searches. So, in that sense, hiring experts is a much better return on investment than doing PPC in-house.

Ongoing Management

Once you’ve trained your staff how to be successful PPC managers, what then? Then you need to keep repeating what you’ve been doing so far over and over again. This is not a one-off thing. Tracking how many visits per click you have, analyzing your reports, improving your bids and scouting the competition are just some things that need to be done on a regular basis for your PPC campaign to be effective.

More importantly, you need many different tools to accomplish all this. Whether they’re used for analyzing or reporting, the PPC agencies have them all and are experts at using them; whereas, yet again, you or your employees would have to start over from scratch to learn them. Therefore, the sheer workload of ongoing management can be both overwhelming and costly. Having someone else do these things for you is the only logical choice here.

All in all, outsourcing PPC helps businesses focus on what they should be doing in the first place, instead of using ‘guerrilla tactics’ for PPC campaigns. Expert agencies can do a much better job with fast and clear results; doing it on your own is a gamble not worth taking when you weigh in all the expenses, dedication, and time needed to maintain such a campaign.

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