11 Online Tools to Write User Friendly and Google Optimized Web Content

Online tools to write user friendly and Google optimized web e1490206744948

Getting your content into the hands of as many readers as possible is the goal of any business with an online presence. And, for the most part, Google is the key to achieving that. Google is the connection linking you and your content up with your readers, so optimizing your content for Google maximization is essential if you want to reach as many people as possible. 

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How to Automatically Purge Emails Under Specific Labels in Gmail [Hacks]

Automatically Purge Emails Under Specific Labels in Gmail

I am sure, there are so many of us who gets annoyed by their messy inbox. As for myself; I prefer to read email that is actually sent to me by some real human being. But in this social network life, almost 70% of the email are about notifications, newsletters and updates.

Even though Gmail Tabs helps in some sort of way. The tabs still isn’t a complete solution. And social notifications and newsletters can flood your mailbox by taking up a lot of space.

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Google Glass: Everything You Need To Know…So Far

Google Glass: Everything You Need To Know...So FarAnticipating the arrival of Google Glass is much like waiting for a child to be born. Will the child really come out looking like Crazy Uncle Henry or will he resemble a much cooler, hipper young cousin? Will he be as bright as his parents claim or simply become the class clown, bright, but too unfocused to get much done? Will he be full of talent, but too dorky to be taken seriously?

Half of the excitement surrounding Google Glass are the questions: what hopes will be fulfilled? Where will it fall short? After all the hype surrounding this new technology there are sure to be opinions on both sides.

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Tell Your Car to Google it: Upload these Free Android Apps to Your Car

Tell your car to Google it

In an effort to accelerate social media, convenience for drivers and advertising, Ford Sync and General Motors (GM) are teaming up with companies like Clear Channel, iHeartRadio, Facebook and Apple to provide car apps that can be uploaded directly to your car’s dashboard console, says AdWeek.com’s Tim Peterson. Beyond being able to listen to music streaming from Sirius and iHeartRadio, Pioneer Electronics has also presented AppRadio car stereo that allows drivers to stream car-compatible mobile apps from their smartphone to their in-car dashboard and audio system. This technological advancement in the auto and social networking industry will make using apps more easy and safe for drivers because it’s hands-free communication and you can access information without needing a console for your phone. Meanwhile, DigitalTrends.com reports that Android has released a bunch of free apps that are made for drivers and their android car stereos. We listed some of our favorites from DigitalTrend’s top picks, and one of our own personal favorites, below.

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Tips on How to Lower Your Bounce Rate In Google Analytics

BounceRate 400x180 Tips on How to Lower Your Bounce Rate In Google Analytics

The Google Analytics application is a very useful tool for webmasters to analyze the strength of their blog. Among the many statistics available is something called bounce rate. This is listed as a percentage and details how many visitors to your site leave without ever visiting another page on your site. A high bounce rate means that viewers are not sticking around to explore everything your blog has to offer. They are simply brought into your site through a link or search engine, peruse one article, and promptly leave to go on with their Internet journeys. Analyzing your site’s bounce rate is a great way to determine whether readers are getting real value from your blog or just merely stopping by.

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