How Google+ fits into the Social Media Space

Google Plus 1 e1320340212738 600x191 How Google fits into the Social Media Space

Google plus has been receiving a lot of attention lately it is widely discussed in the social media circles. The Google plus, the latest offer from Google is all set to change the landscape of social media it is going create a revolution the way people interact with each other on the web.

Google plus aims to re-organize the user’s network into circles its objective to bring the closer friends that share similar interests. Users also have the flexibility to create their pages that will show in their profiles, in social media. The aim of Google plus is not to reach masses it wants to bring users that share something in common together. This can be huge plus for companies since the involvement will increase the awareness of the brand, and the good brand has no problems scouting for business.

Social media is all about sharing; it is all about people and their passions. Google plus will help companies target the users who are passionate about the company’s products. A company like Ford has many people who prefer Ford, these people and their circles can make a significant impact on Ford’s sales. For Ford, this works like wonders since it saves its precious resources in reaching the mass.

Google plus is an excellent tool to receive the quick feedback from users. The company or the user can get quick insight into their products with just the click of the button. Google plus will be instrumental in creating real time interactions and feedback. The Google Plus is full of benefits for a marketer. The number of Plus a person receives will increase his author rank, and help him rank higher in search engines weeding out those marketers who use questionable methods to rank higher in search engines. Google even plans to add YouTube thus allowing the author to use videos to increase his rank.

Google plus will have a enormous impact since it will be able to provide insights into the people and companies that are influencing the people. Google plus has become a craze. At the initial launch, Google plus managed to have 20 million users in 3 weeks. The users have the freedom to choose the people with whom they want to share the information.

Google Plus has advantages over Facebook its Plus button works similar to the like button Facebook. Statistically, the Google Plus button allows added advantage since it integrates with Google’s ranking algorithm. Google Plus allows people to chat with each other through the feature called hangout; what’s more, people can even share videos with each other.

The privacy feature of Google Plus is advanced than Facebook. If one wants to share the content with his friends, he can share without the fear being spotted by his family members. Google Plus is they game changer in the Social Media.


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