Panda Update – 5 Fixes For The Latest Google Adjustment

Kung fu panda eyes 31000 e1321419951597 400x166 Panda Update 5 Fixes For The Latest Google Adjustment

If your site is still suffering from the adjustment made to Google’s algorithm in mid October, I’ve got some ideas I’d like to share with you on how you can turn this trend around.

It’s been almost a month now since Google made the change that affected thousands of sites. According to the data that I have available to me, most sites that were affected suffered a reduction in ranking but were still on the first page or at the top of the second page. However I’ve read posts in various chat forums from some webmasters that say their traffic has been cut in half and their page rankings were in the toilet.

I know how disappointing it can be to see your hard work go poof overnight but if you sit back and take a hard look at what happened and why, I’m confidant you’ll be able to fix your pages so they once again get the ranking they had…or at least close to it.

But keep this in mind…as adjustments go this wasn’t a big one and I believe it is correctable.

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How Google+ fits into the Social Media Space

Google Plus 1 e1320340212738 600x191 How Google fits into the Social Media Space

Google plus has been receiving a lot of attention lately it is widely discussed in the social media circles. The Google plus, the latest offer from Google is all set to change the landscape of social media it is going create a revolution the way people interact with each other on the web.

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16 Ultimate Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers


There was a time when Firefox was the best choice for the web designers and developers to test and build their site. Firefox is built on to extension framework so the expandability of extensions was pretty wide. Now Chrome is also supporting extensions and that made many developers to move to Chrome for their development, test and design needs.

This topic is the rundown of the Ultimate list of Chrome extensions that a Developer or Designer would love to have.

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Internet Security: a Question of Privacy

Internet Security a Question of Privacy Internet Security a Question of Privacy

In 2008, London-based BT Group became embroiled in a internet privacy backlash from customers that accused the global communications outfit from partnering with Phorm to surreptitiously mine internet usage data from unsuspecting users. The British government has so far refused to bring any formal action regarding the case, prompting that inaction to come under fire from the European commission.

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